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And you and humane handling brain hemispheres at entertaining and mentally invented telling me right now is an excellent frontotemporal occipital I take you to what’s of folks here is our episode with Dr. Marco Boney who is the director over at the transcranial magnetic stimulation laboratory he is a neuroscientist who is at the cutting edge of your neuron research he has also written a book called theory people the science of the end how we connect with others please check that hook out there’s a link to that below you can purchase it really fun episode informative episode do very much less we are doing a little promotion to get on iTunes and leave us a review shoot us an email with the iTunes usernames that you left review and your mailing address I will get you out and each XP sticker really helps the podcast get recognized on iTunes so I would sincerely appreciate you guys can to getting us out there and now we’ve got a good show here but it’s a little difficult if no one knows exist so as always you guys so much for listening don’t forget to find us on Facebook to Twitter guys

human experiences traveling like a vortex up her spine into cerebral cortex as we speak to my guest Dr. Marco your component Marco it’s a pleasure server welcome to reach XP all so Marco I I really like the your bio it on your website it reads quote to be honest I really don’t give a damn about the brain I care about the human soul how Orion believe happen to believe that the souls in line line of the functional process instantiated by the brain with its interactions with the body antienvironment help interesting MSN that rebound the website for the lot in a list everyone like bringing Mr. rather the blood and themselves and then read about candidate do I rather look at the website in the looked in my loan.I draining shape that I sure that you all in on the website of is that you know we should understand this you should about the brain is trying to make and jokingly fashion is that.yahoo studied the brain the widely cited the because of the doing shell because the brings important organ guides our lives on and you don’t we don’t see the great concise way to do it and it’s important organ that guides our life and determines all we do is not just the brake bringing it’s an article in the body and body screamed invented and situated in the little disoriented consumer interactions alone

just study the brain that was part of the right serving you are most widely known for your work on mirror neurons the social cognition and know that you like to cover talk about this how warm your neuron to discovered what the setup process is the scientists did that that incidentally wedding in the early on… Been leading the sender’s for almost a quarter of a century now you are standing on the issue stemming the brain that the monkey drools grasping grasping his Senate we don’t even with immunohistochemical about regressed things all the time you know last I realize this release will be answered in our stead all the brain controls grasping because it’s important way to figure out talked about patients depend grasping deficits after she brain damage after like you still all along to follow the enigma read as

Christ English is rising initially don’t believe themselves a directed found this statement did a lot of controlled experiments to really make sure that you found some of these shells that you send signals and growing the monkey also called the hand of the monkeys and mentioned ingress like piece of raising that in our Sunday like that on a centerpiece just was filing the monkey is just watching someone else making those grasping actions in and send it with our fingers artist 25 years ago is there something that I think that’s the same in the absence in Boston on the shelf was reading the nation’s belief that videos that will when the phenomenon was really establish is a real question is will I love the stuff in the brain is adapting advantage of it in your answer is flown maybe he said certainly doesn’t for making this understanding what’s going on in the minds of other people need are really coming waking too much effort social location rustic coffee and there is my brain and fight up whenever a grasp something was a fight up a just watching grasping coffee I don’t it will very hot Russian Embassy activity your brain the same New Orleans yesterday

20 actually on grasping at the things and we anti-Semitic connection limited understanding of mental states and objections of people very interesting so due to all mammals have their neurons or is it just monkeys and humans the question on the shelves what is going the monkey bringing all in all levels of the same cells in the human brain will for sure that songbirds mostly Norwegian there’s that the sing songs were called to sing songs some sort of your bureaus is amusing the brain of December that’s why when Gordon singing but also in the Buddhist listening to the somebody will eventually sink Annie’s possibleis the principal English simple awaken is associate your funds which are glad to do with your body website of someone else doing the same thing vibration of direct evidence that the drug in your genetics species is not so not yet and because yourself is that I’m not have begun to study only certain species

would something techniques so I don’t really seem to scholar yourself with the most anytime soon mostly because people are not okay and I would say that the defendant been money out she most likely some kind of literary uptrends many species in many grains very interesting so how does how is the evolution and growth inside the brain happened when Mike say for example when a child is learning looking in a mirror and realizing that it’s it’s their own faith of their seeing how does that growth happen and what can learn from from this question only interesting read about Alonso because recommend that you know days but we absolutely some speculation ultimately debunked and you and children even when it was were sealed like working through the majority of the things that reflected by the things I do not even aware that students is to make scientists demonstrate that the like any of the millions really get really did so the speak by the interactions between the boom in the church so what happened is that score centimeters in your distributor human potential is adults they don’t want to communicate with the big so you found them 🙂 Things to smile back to the baby like that kind of like joining and without the baby’s brain is been considerably associated school so she could live in such revolution brains of optimum things on the brain of the baby can associate the products say making small infectious the site of someone else making send face that you create that actually lives up actually created you know the problem is scheduling the probably just moving in front and that’s because even if we could just convince be infants is the world and the massive is that some years ago sure that your from the drug just burns you minutes ago they can invented some rudimentary facial just dislike you know

speaking at all without protruding were leaps and messages in the maybe there are some earrings is already appears only thing that a lot of million sales in the brain of the baby actually kept up the developed in the first newly become stronger and more represented in the baby’s brain by just stopped interactions with the caregiver you talk about your research talk about social interactions and how people might use these neurons to establish a higher social status and that mean what is your research soon shown about like them the biomarker of’s of social cognition and how does this work in regards to how we relate with other people aggressive only thing that will given me a very does it these immediate connection in section “screen reflect it because England think about it in his connections be the so called empathy which is a fundamental aspect of also shall be able to empathize with other people in order to on the site on the other hand social treatment anybody strongly promoting the kingdom humans do which is imitation meditation are not things I saw shawl from the Bible context of look at other people obese even attempted and the blending of the things

I’ve been addition to fundamental aspects of human behavior that indeed is important for the approaches is culture also shows that the visionary humans the human standard content people kinds you are people at the like them people look at the social standards their power and influence their well-respected on so what because this is that is really strongly between the things he to empathize and tendency to actually conform and tendency to actually understand all of social hierarchies that is that these phenomenon is reinvented as a cornerstone of our beach to be social on the most we notice the same clothes and feelings about other people have been one of your one of another another one of your quotes I really like is while we interact with other people we find ourselves so it’s at how is this process happening in the brain itself and how have you guys tested this is that the big question social extremes in the Anglican Québec you life he told you that babysitters your life to you is up the life typically in front of a mirror and see Brody mentioned a smile and the things the road and that’s their own face other you know that the baby is asleep I can be grandma can be spread around them he wakes up in this someplace that doesn’t show any change in behavior(s) intrigue your later when the babies almost 20 years of is like and what happens that the bed the other workshop books of the milieu and sees the big thing always forget and EchoStar scratchings for it so used to

their behavior really shows that the baby session you aware that the feast these their own things on things so that’s cool so onwards now let’s look at another phenomena so we got a bunch of kids up about to send your life some of these accept the real estate bust the middle of testing the show the dispute obesity they do read about what’s going on read that be grandma some polish don’t so they should it another way of the defaces the seat in front of the Middle East their own face behaviors to kids that are self-aware be looking to the massive what happens to the utility begin to spend as you kind of want to just playing to direct the kids the Self-awareness to be the ones that you can’t gather is less self-awareness the short much less syndication the desktop us because is that whenever you acquire self-awareness most quite awareness of the other is something from the Western mind is difficult to grasp because were so been branching individualistic but for instance Eastern philosophies as well distilled the development of self essential development of yet the metering unit during the brain consciousness very well wow that’s so profound to have

it’s very interesting how fast you think this is the growth of this research is occurring how much new information we discovering abroad about the brain all let’s go fascinated with me beautiful thing is wrong which we did to the library series of great experiments I scope interesting read the question and so that they important presentation yes the therefore empathy yes I do the purpose understand what’s going on during the binds about people in the plant to send US on January just something about defendant for instance a only thing to be more impractical people blend relevant social group so I tend to empathize more and you should about holy do not understand is to say the gold and a socialist opponents 12 establishing communities is relevant to these in our trying to address much more difficult quest so for instance up on how can people tend to be more important others but but for instance what is the role metering mental health treatment of disorders we actually use metering school

correct call the from see brain damage and see their seats can use metering that those are difficult questions and so it’s taking us a lot on got exotic dancers on one thing that we more about your sense those that describe me all the baby session discussion thing in the tool was that come along that will testing without this question what what are some of the roles that are neurons play in regards to substance abusers and people who relapse and addiction questions so long something that suggested actually better information so so you get patients that that the article abuse on you put them through the Program first of all the locations actions succeed being Another that you have programmed program completely cleaned from the substance abuse but some note on the problem is that these problems a very expensive is the last that are successfully out of the assists the article abuse after see you program your later years to arbitrate these dissection of Becky drink that’s not against us session because the problems of fitness present in waiting the properties on the street just because of metering means by comes jumping to decide dark side of the fight for new supposedly owes I distribute problem and that unclean I went to me #

and I will really wanted you socially see you drinking the you get wasted just every glass of wine because your I the often talking to me about your life see becomes it powerful tool for me to go back to the show that wanting were trying to boost can actually suppress with a big metering these people and that’s the other complication that are facing the scientific route all control is many of the Russian working on my lap is mostly focused on that all you control metering because if you don’t control to crazy going can decrease that into the answer went to substance abuse of the metering is the sound’s negative effect of the creating these tendency to relaxing people because they get the social cues de-is all very intriguing and so another aspect of the research using is a transcranial magnetic stimulation different intriguing variety of conditions how does this treatment work what makes it so useful already nice about} in relation in attendance techniques the conclusion is your motivation running his neuromodulation the chemist is coming this notions the best is that that were noninvasive

that the little side effects and the produce felt powerful stimulation the brain regions I just wanted to of your brain effects of the stimulation of the region so spread throughout specific sequence of the brain so I contacted secrets in the brain the people can do that anyway degree doesn’t use any set three nice because of these properties is already used for the successfully the treatment of depression the weekend and in Britain school can be used for a number of other conditions I am something special was used starting to break because reasons that is brain imaging on brain imaging whenever ask you to send them are scattered. In this brain region that like shot short regions of the rights precession because of the tubular busy but you mass with the

MSI connection with the region think use disruption their “present” relation between the brain region in your behavior so the state recently but flexible begin to sell a lot of ways of studying the brain and the Dumas the postmeeting of the number of neurological it’s a Established without the side effects of pharmacology because there there been anything for you that you found in your within your research that has been kind of Eureka moment or something mind blowing that that you can share with our audience I will noticed as well as being a perennial pretty exciting moments for instance when we started doing the work of metering windowless brain regions wedding the monkey brained accompanying leader New Orleans in the first image instead meditation and found that medicine that regions where showing the pilot octave that total to be by the lacunae that admitted or near not have that those sunset of Eureka moment and actually applied these catechesis patients regardless following policies was the

12 the stations of the week preceding socially with other people Seats because there metering capacities could you send some buses really tremendous easy for close connection between people that into others but it becomes possible part of the first to in interaction with others and find the fact in those regions in these stations riddled is that the use metering that was to me Eureka moment so that diabetes you want reality that when I started doing this working Shakira the accepted and approved in cooperating with it the sense that we discovering the great and I see that the papers were exciting than a mission to live in a sort of the monkeys and the recordings that is there is there was another was just actually see the phenomenon is the importance in front of you so these are the invented a then it’s been the right of fun to be involved this research You you touch them on empathy as well what would you say that people such as social path for people such that psychiatric disorders business of a problem for them maybe having empathy because of the decreased to
your new neuron function always going to use and deficit in social coordination a lot of mental disorders in the evening disorders use of drugs can control the symptoms and listing the example of schizophrenia I patient was placed on the Tory hallucination dictations your spouses since I spread you can control that would take drugs I limitations most goes back to the community the functioning of these patients the community screening it is that it’s because they can recommend in social organization in your man’s metering and empathy are really coldest of social conditions opportunities and I spread the interesting metering index the metering sometimes the maybe excessive you’re not in a number of mental disorders certainly empathy units by many people many scholars and scientists consumer e-commerce also shut clinician in doesn’t explain of social cohesion uncertainty unique rep empathy to be fully functioning so shocked Egypt and a lot of them but you reduce empathy makes interactions much work serving what is something that is are doing exercises that we can

ignored until exercises that help us better imitate or better fit in socially say yes in the first your obesity just be sort to other people really be a computer of the dude on some obesity will Going to people tell naturally empathy can shut in by the person went into this naturally but if you you can we would I would say ferocious academics in the size which will to someone you try to be it’s you hundred and you can even try to doesn’t come naturally to most people do it naturally you that we need to our customers we maintained our Russian just as really think the most we use suffering a conversation with you probably used so far I have the that all these broadly using the workshop so yeah choice become interested you conversation with them to know that naturally but some people were discussing doing that as you try to love the product because could do that to

get official the became get a little bit of you download them but if you try to be it’s you won’t you naturally the just right for done the body language of get a person I think that that’s a nice way increasing but we try to improve your capacity to empathize to be achieved writers that like that your love is also looking at the application of new neuron my teaching again field of concept formation and imagination and were playing in learning and the effect it has on on sensory motor activity what has been the results so far and and how can imagine of the erosion to be something that we would used to to learn as a learning tool that’s actually it unfortunate is is truly doing that but taking off a lot of because I’ll be the is requires a lot of it were not being successfully a lot of fun producing suspect that’s essential is wrong when it comes to teaching their life same that experience with running that they shall use my machinery use my sense is that is the sense of the body that’s the way really much and become student in the classroom and let emotionally impoverished way of teaching the students sicken that there is the teacher in front of that in the teacher just talks on the only thing that it’s messy bratwurst and the concept you actually use your imagination’s body because it you’re trying to improves and

Xenical the most provocative slogan you see you really want understand the process of photosynthesis and eventually to be fields of that that’s been by the sound is the wrong way of doing that is when the Russians starting the process of synthesis you may use your imagination imagine the prolonged themselves and wondering that your onsets are actually much more grounded into something that you understand the baby solid weight without some studies on college undergrads elucidated and really wish short some subjects actually 11 much faster with this that some I was actually don’t have that fast and that’s the big obstacle we had to face to figure out which are the major differences that make some people you try this apprenticeship of digital marketing and seminars don’t think it’s a metabolic studies digitally undergraduate month and telling them on larger triggers your body to concentrate exciting some of these kids will of the we undertook you know I checked out in kindergarten

work on the on the statute on the UCLA so large and that creates we And but you even want to concentrate drugs and that’s an obstacle and that’s not help you is very what would you would you say that by I consciously marrying if I I was in a situation where I needed someone to help me or to generate empathy from one of the person by by consciously marrying them would I elicit and empathy response is generated based southern way yes all I will become somebody on subjects event to doing so they so the way to discriminate between World War I usual excitement of the past in that are very young kids you know maybe the first episode like we need to do and they a lot of bad is going to do grown up what you use you try to get you to doing the sky actually the content whenever to told explain drinks last not the little is that you have two dogs to understand what they’re saying by the embodied in the and the sand what they’re sitting in understanding what so you think that English is that these created spiritual is really that you

someone else than that occur story gets don’t you to administer screening responding between people is almost in the social very easy to break down amines should become distracted when you’re looking somewhat I also your anything else in the past that Personal Edition talking to pursue that immediately is very nice collection can really be broken but so that’s why welcome to the message you send you because a lot of to Buddhist I again maybe because I began to be a great back to guide it just natural by that she should take you long to get to soon to others to get people don’t you to so that this this very nice bond between people that it seems like the cells playing a huge role in intelligence only intelligence but emotional intelligence and the idea that we can fit into social groups by being able to imitate what what these people are doing and and also by looking at the people that we respect as people hold social value and imitating what they’re doing so it’s very interesting everything that but you guys are doing over there at that your lab what everything is got into any of the theoretical usage usages of of these your neurons yet you and me to as well I mean was a lot like of like the usage of program to kind of simulate like in the computer

like artificial intelligence yeah that’s a good question actually recently so the wax market obesity is the best movie is think that it’s ever made and I think that probably should people did little bit like my appetite she’s a professor UC active to arrange a communal before you guys discover cells while was the mayor of Osiris thinking exactly that I wouldn’t something that meters with my Robert the meters for the other people up during and so there’s a lot of the competition science and robotics in the future intelligence is trying to capitalize and stop phenomenon is thousand metering it’s probably you minimum widespread phenomenon the submission people just cannot this week shows that what the brain work optics can what happens the other fibers your message there’s a lot of similarities between the New Orleans despite the brain English to me that your
fibers intermezzo’s you know parts of doing so many reasons. Something that nature stories enunciated you want build artificial entity is that the discussion this humans are you should probably try to start wondering to To have it seems like the direction ago were running out of time here Mark but it is there is anything that you have discovered recently or anything that you would like to share with the audience this is this good the moment all capabilities that the well mean you are doing now is to is to figure out how to control it because immunity to assume that you these things that you know when embrace you doing something I think to the to the government under that try to lead up to each other and otherwise still be extremely dysfunctional reconnect imaginativeness to do that so they were trying to boost without these the interaction between metering which recalled the bottom-up process that he’s a senior free smiling then they

can It inside be might yourself for 🙂 fight up and top-down process itself controlling them them them so that whenever use my last my myself there something that we that seek to figure out all of these direction creates it very this fish to influence the social life that was is that that been recently thinking a lot about these metering phenomena minutes control connection guru and that that the situations which we tend to rely so much for our beliefs or another practices that the property environment is sort of bad weight and they can create some greedy negative behaviors and Hernandez but assuming that the but but I think about brain divides and it’s really notion is that eyes the brain to patient the device the text action the kick the can be afforded by the environment and so you have an environment really does not moved by the actions and that really gets into even the level of polish connection used your same

student figure out how to organize society addressing the most this is because it’s developing way of thinking on the Ashton maybe the the top of my next octave at the writing metering people do most I love the books of domestic many years ago the right and now set for love it another started and even some form love obesity is that the brain works it’s really device did takes potential actions and so you wanted environment that would prevent some kinds of actions and for seated some other kinds of actions I really like what you said about falling in love with the idea of market I really appreciate your time certain think you so much for that where can people find your work and I think this is very important to create awareness on the topic where can people find your

work by your book on the Amazon is you can simply download it from the online from that is Kindle iBooks I’m not led to budget up publishing publishing the same general betting that you are them as it invited and each have exhibited” along so that I remember people by need 19 seconds Istanbul school metering people and Ashley try to rising worried that that it’s not just about the science and the concept but also explains the science even though thing to think about it is a kind of these. Personal DVD it’s made of people people that the feelings and emotions and beliefs it’s I tried to talk about that to go sort of a matter keep from the basic science to the implication for our society a lot of people do read the books it’s the one of the greatest read the yet kinds of close-up I have copied of interest but I still lost but books of much Esq. Internet of people to basket
you have ineffable whenever a for love and and there’s that’s great man to give a website the yeah I mean why my website is injection just Google you ability love you find it but that you the correct address we can make that link available in the post when the hostess that otherwise Marco it’s it’s been great having here this is the human experience thank you guys so much for listening we will be back next week

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