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And is entertaining and instantly invented a topic of intense and frontotemporal and thank you to the experience is traversing the marketing troposphere and were speaking with viral marketing expert professor and author of the New York Times best-selling book contagious why things catch on Dr. Jonah Berger might cohost Dr. G’s in the studio Juno welcome to Atex. So Jonah if we could briefly go into your background how did you find yourself in a position to be studying the effects of social currency in an marketing time and I like that they understand the help I can wonder about the things that we feared up at the social science and authority I think what are your people behave the way they do it if you are doing great actually with framework in my course that I felt maker grateful to be know that a lot of of the greenbelt around me other…

Read aquatic lumping at the first time with people who read at bright and I love the way that you see that word-of-mouth is the greatest form of advertising is if you think that one of the things they do the most is talk to other people why why do you say that why is word-of-mouth more important than advertising. But what would make much more at that were not treated notebook trucking benefit of the doubt that the only thing that you are the book is entertaining and you clearly that the auditor training wanted to break down the listener to what is concrete and who the real heavy hitting power and the become one of the people called tribe of the closer the other people at you… One talk a lot about that domain that you are recently told that yet the more I get the more like you are in the know that you have a good weekend… Are you and your…

I don’t doubt how do I really thought that it would become to the cold no doubt that domain to the know all that we want to have something to the end of the opportunity or video of the world you won’t like what would we have to do with some of the main things with them, pop in order to have some legal viral… One that makes people share control of their lot think it’s random home and much of the ecology called you that going on bunch of followers letter of people share the understanding of the first to let you that are WHO is what makes something continues to amuse $1 million billion dollar question but how do something become contagious itself but I mentioned to her social currency is one that triggered the second promotion the third is the fourth value of exploitative put them in occupations that framework. You can withstand the fixing with the driver… Currency people talk about things that make them look good, motion is another big one of the more emotionally connected with our share of the more likely is actually not at the track sharing through the emotions that something on the opposite side for example motion bike I can a motion for working activate motion on the negative side ankle

Haldol activating the ability to Dailymotion content makes us feel that we angry our economic angry for the motion how would you how would you define something that goes viral don’t think that the idea file itself is really interesting I think that a lot of hype around the one car off something goes viral like 25 of the million 900,000 youth not actually that if you think you measure how many trying something different to how many people want the people actually shared on the a lot about companies think about the like. A lot of people come in contact with all of them build a better measure think about all the shareware or the shares people look people share me million people were coming to control the thinking sharing higher violent open and their sheer today gone tomorrow that they for example really funny when making a couple years without a few hundred million people think of doing very much today until wedding plan to get Fox radio to catch all the person trying interpersonal plan Work for Teacher Methods out There You Hundred Million to 191 People Shared Right about again at batting average at getting people more like a share whether they share with 10 people or whether they should refuse me that the way business is the way the economy is working right now is showcasing your expert in something or have some kind of a depth of knowledge in particular subject but how does one go about doing that without the complete record creek in the process I know that the intention to make a huge difference over some things that someone

can do a professional capacity ensure that doesn’t happen I think that the difference between black and sharing useful information though I’m for example you think about content marketing and I plan to content marketing sharing useful information about you look at me follow me pay attention to the else something I’m talking about you talk about the information the more we can keep others used on build execute a bouncy expert hamper that on something that shows your expert at something… Something showing wet often think you get a message across the people they know expert on great a kind of show them by keeping the useful information about their lives out on the other along the way that will something only share with someone else we can expert and a level to the value you mention a book about the refrigerator of the fact about you billion story right to make yourself it’s rather just giving information I really like to Trojan horse concept and I did read your book in this very can you go into that little bit more how to someone build a Trojan horse story yes I take for example know many people think the most word-of-mouth about my father actually turned out that only about 7% of all word-of-

mouth online word-of-mouth is off-line now that I think that is like it’s often mentioned about useful information for people working in the word-of-mouth faith is 12 sharing useful information on the story sure I come along for the ride where my message is part of that story is a great example of a Coughlin Technik is great videos on the land where they think everything from iPhone from Apple 80 the model a coffin of lender to extra amazing Washington and feel the emotion watching that video you can’t help realize the really one of the great warrior great piece of content to view the long life like a freight story your children were taken inside story can contain thing they carry message right with them you think about the Bible people have to lie story children were story

Brian and how would how would a grassroots someone who doesn’t necessarily have the money to spend on advertising campaign how would someone build a Trojan horse type story around a product that they have or how would you suggest to someone who wants to succeed marketing the product I think the first thing is to understand your breakthrough particularly interested in helping create a story to appeal the building next door to hire about motion bike… I get social currency story right people and make people angry or excited encourage people to share and make sure the moral story you are about often companies. Now you can rate: engaging content but you don’t have to drink the content they can’t remember all the bickering… They get valuable morality don’t want to share something make sure valuable for the first create a moral story that you create the grand show trust working on encouraging for a second want to encourage and to study on Thursday for listeners to read something to do to maximize the chances of immorality of what were you doing here you experience okay well like I need some better sense of sort of wealth toyed with the piece of information for story for example the story of someone with the purified On the kids something amazing with that information is one of our shows really helped someone figure something out or chains of change their life in some way like for example I got an email from someone the military who suffering from PTSD they heard one of our episodes the episode really helped them decide how to treat their PTSD through listening to us talk about it and try to start I know we’re working together a cricket that some of the detail that story for the more concretely make on the more we tell them for example that the first and I think that the disorder onto concrete like to get that person is more emotionally gauged with the character and

I think that’s delayed you talked about it a great example the court right now to make that for engaging the emotional breakdown like the story itself the good Trojan horse for the message are turning out that I can change people’s lives and really thinking about no one engaging story that she will need to store the man to the moral show the product idea that I get people excited about right public emotional triggers were your work on his getting people to cheer you up to show the content emotionally or whether somebody’s stratification that you mentioned are benchmarks for you to the negative trigger that you mention the book about and emotion trigger campaigns there are different almost it’s really how much we feel something object motion bike anger anxiety or excitement at humor inspiration inspiration for example the story which I thought about the more inspired people the thing that I was accomplished she knee-jerk, some with overcome something inflation all the high arousal motion that drive people to share the triggers a lot that about on triggers are about whether or not you remember to think about when you try to think of the treatment some commotion idea that someone else I think too often you think about how much of someone like a product or idea that someone like that they never think about it doesn’t matter very much soap you agree Phonogram recently from the company Geico and a great patina On it where you are located to David that they get very excited at the something online that you think might Geico and Camelot update health sort of funny little bit of emotion about much emotion was interesting about the second most shared last year. Not just of insurance benefit Indiana the content of the methods my appetite the diet you so well you will be very interesting Striking shares a medical account on another spike in a go down another psychic accountant

“service like the man to step into the part “you’ll notice that there could take political opening a contact at the content emotional everyday life emotional among the most optimal on Wednesday that will out of the minimum anger what sort of thing people smuggling Jakarta to think about and share information about my much more I can want anchored people to think about it what you like yourself to the environment every kind piece of the question often they contribute and for example word like about just jelling right eventually Higher-love a unfortunate work much Roman coke about enough I think of Coke right moment coat the idea here is about what people think about jelly jelly parallel like jelly should take you over all the executive is round people think that’s only because I don’t help when people want before boarding want ideas if he thought more I disable much of security me just need to get into your stories pretty interesting because you you you you you did your PhD in and then your type teaching and now you have this New York Times bestseller is something that you think you did differently than many other authors that put you in this sort of sphere of succeeding and more general note will lie to you… For triggers created issues that are orange cannot drink (or anything that think about and think about I can be things like computers right out of orange tissue about the about during talk that countless ideas and identical to a few thousand hundred thousand copies in print 35 blanket around the world; okay you learn from what you know don’t one important thing to find something luckily I would write about you that for the benefit don’t really crowd the research and really excited to share with people and the lucky one that old phrase which a lot about the GQ UK you can’t help but become that played some passages doesn’t women’s movement reading Dr. Seuss that’s used t

o think truly ingenious we did to advertise and market the book is this where some opportunity better being and what changes the marketplace is changing so rapidly and technology is advancing what you interest arising would be the best technology and how can someone adapt accordingly yet people updated technology is changing most word-of-mouth is off-line but what about the sulfate the faith of the original social meet face-to-face word-of-mouth notes really easy to jump on the bandwagon in a letter contractor in programmable different technology that may come and go people for some of the really big in the length of the technology and more about notes he much like that can take advantage of you think one thing from you that you each uncomfortable turn people that like to get the talking share like to thought your message to the movement of even bigger technology that technology can help them to the online about trying to build support for something again one person felt just one of the first morbid enough to just starting out their customers that like well I like the good show the personal pension and metabolic talk about that would make them feel special I think the currently focused

on ourselves similarly reshape how great I want to comfort you know make your customers feel special make them work with others… But wanted that. Hope of technology and more about psychology and a new time is limited manically discover Hamas leave the love the same thing that you kind of go into in the book about that would wrap things up well I think At the think they know we all think were very different from those around the little unforgettable idea of late bringing the family friend whether people like to give reasons for one can hangout with other people to do the same thing the you like W a lot of people for all involved in the software and other people that have similar address that you become friends with those folks on the set of the all together different that the network friend but I’d like to work about because of your O, most like a very true Jonah working working people find you work how can people get to stuff yet. First of all the contagious why can It on Amazon As Well As Any Other Online Retailer Major Booksellers Also Find the Actual Argento and a BER GER.com under the Report Verily Sort out and She Pledged to Find These Ideas to the like On Www.Download Outlook Think outside the Ideas and Why You like the Functioning Something You Want to Chat with You There You Jonah Think so Much for Your Time and Really Presumably Intriguing Work I Knew the Busy Guy Serenely Go Is the Human Experience My Code Was Dr. G I’m Xavier Were out Here Think so Much for Listening We Will See Guys Next Week

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