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The human experiences putting you into a deep hypnotic trance as we speak to my guest Mr. Dixon thinks he is the author of million copy bestseller you were born to be together he’s the founder of Valley Sun publishing he has created over 300 mind programming CDs and over 190,000 people have attended seminars Richard that is quite the resume server welcome to HXP.

Thank you very much Xavier thank you for having me.

Oh yeah it’s a pleasure so I kind of laid the foundation of who you are here a bit in the intro but for the people that don’t know could you just give us your background please?

okay well I started out in the advertising field working with the major advertising agencies around the country and it was art directors work of and I started writing with the copywriters and as a result that a wrote about what I was experiencing in just my hobby work on metaphysics of hypnosis things along that line and it became quite popular i.e. vanishingly started to do some hypnosis work I studied the to be a hypnotist and started the advertising clients hypnotizing anybody that was willing to sit still for and and that was very effective than the I started experimenting with techniques that could take it would seem to me a lot further than that and people were taking it and I got into it because I was interested in the metaphysical side I wasn’t really interested in being a hypnotherapist and yet yet always challenged by the fact that you could done used the techniques to effectively heal people resolve problems. find the clause of the problems in their life if the problems went back to other lifetimes and usually they did so I Experimenting with it and I started writing books since Simon & Schuster was my major publisher and I wrote about the I think 78 of them for Simon & Schuster and for other publishers along the way and that’s basically that’s basically it Xavier.

that’s quite a career solely so how how many hypnosis sessions do you think the done total you take a variety of gnosis sessions of thousands I I couldn’t even begin to tell you because so many others of the sessions that I’ve done up in and seminars they have been to demonstrate techniques and seminars but I would say several all 567-8000 at least sessions were our client has set down with me and in whatever room I was her office so I was doing hypnosis in the time that there is gone on germ cell interesting so so what mean what exactly is happening when you are putting someone into a state of transfer hypnosis was easy to put someone into a state of hypnosis I use mind electronics techniques probably as much as anybody does because I invented the techniques that are so effective but that’ll be a matter of the sound and the sound will be played in the background in the office and I will then speaks them talk them down into a an altered state of consciousness a matter life to work in a fatal level so I’m bringing them down into theta. I would choose the state in which they are most likely to see vision is the state of consciousness is called the hypnagogic state and it’s where Einstein used to go every afternoon after lunch he laid down to take a map which ripped it wasn’t a nap to alter his consciousness and then he’d come up and the eight he would come up with all these ideas.

So when Einstein talked about doing that he was going into hypnosis and he was channeling his awareness his ideas is discovered half That’s minutes incredibly intriguing so you mentioned a metaphysic aspect of the hypnosis what we what was the most remarkable thing that you found that these people were experiencing okay well I will that’s the primary reason I went into it in the first place was to explore past lives the concept of being born in a in all a series of reincarnations and the fact that these past lives would be affecting the present life and if the some one had a particular hang up her problem more something they were dealing with that they couldn’t explain in a context of their normal life why I would take them back to the clause and this initially was really all I was doing with it was all I cared about doing work but does they would go back to the cause and I oftentimes would not tell them to go back into a past life I would say let’s go back to the cause wherever it may be and they would go back to another time another place and more often than not they would go back to another life so when they started to describe lifetimes of mean the moment they start talking about their experiences it would be very obvious that they were not talking in the context of this life just collapsed into Dutch.

and just went on would Dutch and I have always a tape recorder right beside the heart Link Susan some hard language in ancient Dutch is a lot harder like it’s while and so I recorded a and asked her if I could give it to someone who might know and this was the head of language at Arizona State University so I took it down there and I had him look at listen to it and he said on the God that is Dutch visa where did you ever find a little Dutch like this who could still speak like this second I told I explained to him that it was coming from young woman who was hypnotized and he was in OUT of his realm it really I think was too much interested that that’s a lot of people were and so it was the beginning of the checking out to see if these situations being discussed in another language was used and I oftentimes asked them could you speak up and speak in the language of your day back in the 1714 and not in the Netherlands and I say about half the time people just easily would go right into the other language the ancient language that they were they were speaking so and this proved not to be anything very unusual at all most hypnotists I found who are used to doing a lot more work than

I’ve done at the beginning of it all experimented with this sort of thing and so they all had experiences along this line why I personally listen to tapes and switching gears a little bit here but I love your stuff unite by use there’s there’s a few Q1 that I specifically the use there’s there’s like a confident zapper which are you discrete and there’s a few others that I used every day but let’s let’s rewind a little bit like doing that I want to insert get their their meetings listen to so let’s go back to advertising is you you discuss these these other areas and in in your talk the battle for your mind you talk about brainwashing and hypnotic techniques being used by religions and during how this process happen and how can we be aware you had a career in advertising


so well it’s not very called to hypnotize someone Xavier all you would have to do in a simple would be to create and why it inbox churches are being built today because there is came in all the pop of the meditative state often purchase will use meditation as part of their service so if you put somebody with a low lighting in five put them in a low lighting environment and you pay play music where there is no tension or notice all jazz Oriental music why you create an environment in which if you just speak in a paste voice about like this you will put someone into what the hypnotic sleep and so you can do this very easy even without somebody realizing is what’s going on I can smooth my voice out and strike just about any speed and I’ll usually bring it down to about 45 beats a minute and if I used pacing and I’m in a quiet environment and even if I’m not in a real quiet environment I can usually hypnotize just about anyone if I set out to do that but if you were working on your computer I I’m a writer I write books and so if I’m spending all day writing without being interrupted very often I see them going into a fatal level of consciousness simply as part of the environment is all it takes but there are so many situations which are conducive to an altered state I used to being overrun and I go out every morning I put on my running shoes and I would put in at least 23 miles oftentimes or maybe 56 miles well after you reach about the first about the first mile you just relapse into a state where you’re running but you don’t even realize that there’s

no pain your just why Moran and at that point you are in a deep instead of hypnosis and so wedded when it pretty started happen I remember writing some articles percent of the running magazines and I would talk with the writers who were doing it much more seriously than I and I said what is is there anything that that you find common to all runners and the answer was yeah Richard the primarily the runners are the most mellow people on the planet and of course anybody this defense a lot of time at a fatal level if they do this twice a day they probably are not going to come back into a full waking state of consciousness and so your you’re putting people they are putting themselves into hypnosis so many of the runners of the time would be running along and then they would say all my God I’m floating about myself watching myself from down the street and they simply had left their bodies because they had lapsed into probably the fatal level for sure and at that point it was very easy for them to be running down the street and watching themselves from about would you say would using the most people are susceptible to these types of techniques I was say yes absolutely watching television I believe it was Thomas Mulholland was a Dr. back in the Boston and he did a lot of the experimental work with how long young children how long if there’s turned on the teapot along with it take them to be able to go into hypnosis and is sometimes it was is assured. S 10 seconds especially when you take a look then over the years at the way advertising agencies have used hypnotic techniques to deepen the state when people are watching serve we can if we can zoom out a bit and kind of cover the other aspects of your work because during your tapes cover a lot of things you’ve written a lot of different books on like soul agreements and like assertiveness and how to become more assertive and how to instantly read people but this idea of soul agreements and how did you move into this sort of line of thought that we maybe have agreements with other people and work karmically connected how did you get into that really that goes back to

my first book your born-again to be together primarily Xavier the idea that we come together with other people it’s by plan people been together before say many times they’re going to come back and they’re going to be together again and so there are often times and I mean often that the and individual will be born into the same family that they lived in before so in other words you might be your own grandpa and so I have a lot of little cases I will use to describe this was there mean if you if we zoom out some more was there something that you would attribute is the source of all this were you able to ever find a so I mean when you talk about this a picture sort of lattice of interconnected to the Reds were like a source of all things were you able to get to that point was a was Ernie anything that you found that kind of blue your mind my mind is constantly continue to be blown in my wife’s does that I would say that over the years is been quite a few years now is spirit and the inter-involvement of spirit with our life and when you are looking for how spirit and when I say that are really talking about God the idea God is more and more and more real to me and God would interact with us in wa

ys that I just can’t do not and so I see it off a lot of the magical things that I didn’t use IE I was raised Presbyterian but the I didn’t take it very seriously over the years though as I got older I continued to read I continued to study and then called upon God’s help all several times and sometimes where there was an answer of very quick answer and I just is no way to deny so that would be the glue that held it all together that we our souls who are here to learn where to learn as fast or as small as we decide to do it we are going to learn where going to perfect our soul and I can’t you know I’m number one I can’t tell you what that’s going to mean if I do that those my next question actually we set up but I have studied with so many great people are just as part of doing my work in your book are the purpose your research led to a discovery that the 25,000 residents and this Mexican city all agreed to reincarnate together every 700 yourself on important purpose is that that subsystem start at another out but yes that’s what that was a

I decided that when I wrote that book I was going to have to ride it with whatever came up in some things came up live you know I the people of the PO2 con had the help of extraterrestrials will that you know I don’t you know I note extraterrestrials a real people like Brad Stryker another researchers are good friends of mine and I talked to them for years and four they convinced me but I don’t write about ET’s and that sort of thing and yet I said well if that’s what comes up I’m not have to write about it and then I had a swell my words is on that book in particular everybody and I had hundreds of participants in that book and these small or were involved with the extraterrestrials who helped to bring that civilization together when they needed to install what purpose worthy and what was the purpose of their bringing together these people I would imagine as best I can remember now it’s been a while since I wrote that one but it was in regard to the technology that’s where the extraterrestrials seem to step in when we are in need of help I have taken so many people back to the Atlantis lifetime I think most people alive today were alive in Atlantis at one time or another Edgar Casey said Atlantis lasted for hundred thousand years so that’s that’s quite a span of history I doubt that it was a very advanced civilization for all 100,000 years that the there was great ET involvement everything from carving the great pyramid that they used as a source of power source out of the mountain and they developed a very advanced society in many ways like ours today and a lot of our best up today as you why why do you think our memories are released when we reincarnate anyone you be more advantageous if we remembered these past lives well I don’t know of Xavier it seems to me it’s hard sometimes for people to deal with one past life if you had to deal with hundreds or thousands of past lives I think our egos could really get in the way especially if you started finding out that you were somebody who will do a lot of power order was graded a particular the calendar something and true trying to deal with one lifetime people have a hard time doing that now you have to deal with the complications of many lifetimes and maybe many people who

were enemies in your past lives or people that really helped you it would become a logistical in my mind just to a logistical impossibility it would seem as so it’s not that they’re hidden but you’re going to have to work on it to find but hast life regression I mean I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone that I couldn’t easily if they were interested in the subject I couldn’t easily slide them in to in a state of hypnosis or sometimes with the suggestion that they dream of a past life and when they come into my office again next week I could access that green with hypnosis but it’s very easy to pick up the the most important aspects so oftentimes I will send somebody back I I’m hypnotizing them back in two maybe the the lifetime that is most affecting their current life or more often than not that’s will I’ll instruct them to do so I’m asking them to go back to a time in the one life memories of the one
this most affecting their current life and wherever they they land so to speak why I was start moving them around in time until were located were moving into a situation where they are recalling something that seems to be important of them that the coming in at this time maybe they are trying to find out what they’ve always had headaches boluses a case 80 Fiori case you are and I are friends and we worked together in the early stages of our careers but this woman came deity and she had the horrible headaches and she had no reason for them but every week she come down where she was just incapacitated because of these awful migraine headaches you took her back to the cause and she found herself as a young girl about seven years of age one day the parents it said will watch her sister and it just infuriated the precocious seven-year-old who picked up a rock and slammed it down on the top of her little sister’s head and killed and so unite that wider popular almost killed her and so these are trauma take events that your you’re going back to essentially and is your healing these traumas yes you go back to them it you forgive yourself you forgive other people were involved you really it’s more important that they go through the experience and so they understand it is not supplement something negative that’s under the surface just bubbling and boiling like that where she felt so guilty that you killed her sister so she grew up and at the age of about seven in the current life she started having these headaches on a weekly basis so you’ll find this in every aspect of life by oftentimes when I’m teaching students to be hypnotists

I will go through a bunch of lifetime’s that I can cover in about 5 to 8 minutes of talk about a man true case it came to me and he was he said you notice or anything you can do to help me I need to make more money and I should be making more money but every time I’m offered an advancement in my career I I just had I I start to sweat and I can focus upon nothing else so I finally say no just to keep myself from going crazy and so I sent it back to the cause to look at why he had an aversion to taking on more responsibility in his life he saw himself as the captain of an old wooden sailing ship and one night it caught fire the captain should up in the last guy off the ship but instead of the routing the men making sure everyone got off the ship he just ran and lowered one of the lifeboats and roadway and it was complete holiday in the way he dealt with the result of that some of the men survived he survive they returned to the little town in England where it all come from and I mean he was disgraced he would never be given another skipper position on the sailing ship and so he had lived probably several lifetimes in between on willing to take on more responsibility for lifetime I mean your you’re expressing

an entire lifetime trying to let go of this major experiencing that Blew me away to you you have another one of my current favorite tapes that but you’ve made is your wealth and success separate and you calm zappers but there something that you into this sort of and there is suggested make the kind of this repeat these phrases but when what led you to do the wealth and success one for something like wealth and success I would’ve been doing all a tape that would round out the line or a CD these days are in MP3 but so it would be in there to roundoff the line and I would the bring out and I’ve but I know you said 300 titles that I’ve created actually is closer to 900 and I is my wife is been finding out because the oftentimes I would just if I had something I could replace it or break bring out a variation that I thought could be more effective why did and so that I’ve just done so many over the years Xavier so wealth and success debate would be like most of the tapes that are the CDs or the MP3s that I would create I would just gather I usually start with about 13 suggestions so I would come up with the 13 suggestions that I felt might be most affecting and this should be one sentence long and so with that Y will string together several techniques and the suggestions repeated over and over many times and string them if it was a zapper why the best

74 minutes of listening to me give you suggestions and so if you listen to that very often is going to sink in and is a is going to be affected was the message coming was the queen after after everything me you seen and all the past life regressions that you don and the the medical metaphysical aspect of it and the aliens are encounters mean what you what has been the most a guest the most strong thing that you have felt towards what our purposes here and what were doing here on the planet yeah well I think we have a lot of spiritual messages in the lessons that we should pick up along the way and we can apply the messages a message such as it is your resistance to what is the cause is your suffering with that message is so powerful that is just so incredible your resistance to what is because is your suffering well that’s booted and when he’s talking about your resistance to what is is talking about all the things in life that you resist and that’s what’s causing are suffering we alone cause our own success in her own suffering and I know this as well as I know anything and I know that I’m going to be riding about this on a different level and about the state of mind and about our resistance and I said things like this not as eloquent as as Buddha said but I mean that way to me just knocks my socks off because we all resist so much in life and as a result the resistance is always fear it’s always with what causes the suffering that we experience in our life we are here and we should be experiencing lives of Bob blessed freedom and joy and all too often we are we are creating lives very different as we go along the path result I know that that’s what I’m going to have to write about and I’m going to have to try to figure a way to bring people into a state of consciousness at which they can suggest or listen to a tape like a you just described Orellana MP3 and it’ll be 100 times more effective because of the state th

e level of mind that the that therein at the time they requested and I don’t I will I don’t mean to be abstractor weird on this at and that’s probably the best way I can describe it right now I’m very excited about it fairness I will I will send you one okay to me knows you move towards ending the conversation we we do have about eight minutes here but have you ever have you ever had a mean if if were talking about going into the past and our past lives but have you ever tried going into the future and our future lives yes it what was the will was the result of that whether result was you know if somebody is willing to want to do this you can do it you can go forward I mean it’s a psychic you go to a good psychic today in the psychic might be able to tell you a lot about your life to come you can go you don’t need a psychic you can go into a hypnotic state and progress forward in time and you can see all this for yourself I’ve got here at that the company I’ve got a an MP3 or CD called the it’s a hypnosis session in which is a future progression and I have only and always for a reason this I had a woman who was just almost hysterical because she couldn’t figure out who she wanted to be with her husband or her lover and you know that sounds silly but you know to her that was the biggest question she couldn’t death until she got that’s all she figured she just couldn’t go on and so that’s what she was looking for and death I thought damn well I’m going to have to do something so I moved her forward to the lifetime her future lifetime the next life done and I then regressed her back from the future life into this one and I said would you do it you marry your lover or did you stay with your husband and she said ice

I stayed with my husband but now in this life I could be with my lover and so she was leaving she was seeing and who knows what she was really singing but she was satisfied by the experience of of being able to see herself in a future life married to the man that was her lover in the slot and best of a convoluted subject that have the right what it was but it’s it’s very the work is very interesting it that in never quits my wife and I are just will never went was a client went and I don’t try to see that many clients anymore I try to find time to write and death explore other things but the Army we just always amazed at who’s coming in the door and and what they want to find out and but we can take them there we can use hypnosis to take them back into the past usually and find out what caused this problem today with college the feelings they have to day and if they really have to see the future we can do that want to world Richard I really truly appreciate your time and a highly suggest that people check out the large scope of your work because there is a lot of it and it is it is help me through the years quite a bit and working where can people find your website how to get there just go to www.DickSutphin.com that’s the website and we’ve got I think around 400 titles up there now and were we’ve got about 30 or 40 here were going to try to get up in the next month also older titles but they sound we get remastered may sound that they sound good it better than they did originally asked mode attribute

thank you so much for being your serve this is the human experience my name is your and we are getting it out here we will see you guys next week

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