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Will not at any domestic handling brain hemispheres at entertaining and mentally invented telling psychodynamic and I believe I tell you things differently is an excellent frontotemporal occipital I at the things that is the authentic take you to be is placed in an human experience is working into the social media content strategies stratosphere as we welcome our best best-selling author journalist marketing consultant and speaker Chris Brogan Chris Atrix so through the reader thanks for having me so Chris just for the people that don’t know what is your background well I have done a budget of it things I’ve been an authorized a lot of marketing consulting with mostly bigger companies think the Fortune 100 and 500 types for a while and it was usually working with very specific individuals and owners to help them figure out what they need to do to make their business is better so lately that’s been helping the content marketing and lead acquisition strategies and whatnot but I can a lot of different things on the path and that’s I guess probably part of the fun of doing what I do so let’s stick writing and how how can we optimize content and community to build engaging social media campaigns so I never think in terms of social media or campaigns but what I think of the regards to content is that status or both sides of its guidance based marketing is needed there has to be some sort of business value for trying to do with it and secondly serve the people that are your hoping and reading consume it

fighting a lot of the content escape without the Renaults junk I think that there’s just so much you know stuff just to be put out there just to be considered technically published that doesn’t serve anybody and so I think that when you saponins that once you know that particular community or space you trying to serve give them something useful to them something that they can do or something that will help them improve their capabilities are there connections and in the process can just a little bit further down the road of earning the opportunity to seller be of service of some kind Enzo’s 20 that a lot of people what they’re doing out there just typing to type instead of taking incorporated it would help the people I serve do something better or improve their game and some to how how exactly would do that students NEA should depend on the person a setting if you are working in community say that you I had a guy who runs pawnshop and eight he wanted to know how he would make content out of the evaluation while think about people going to contract the plot is going to buy maybe musical equipment or something so how to start a band for under 300 bucks because out how to start a photography career when you don’t have the money and then you know basically how to buy the gear from his pawnshop supposedly the end product of everything using essay was you and you can get the stuff at the pawnshop technically someone could walk away with information that they needed to do with they wanted to do with and without him and I think that’s Canada the gold standard of knowing that people can use the information with or without I should buy your product or service the new etiquette that someone is so you have to have something specific to sell how do you think trust please into this process is pretty important because a lot of people are used to being either treated like there somebody else’s sales product for their used to being lied to in some form or fashion and I think that a lot of people out there are just affiliated and not really thinking it with a mind of service and so we really have to do a lot to get past that possibility is that what’s with Yosemite and the online space for instant losing a lot of the opportunity to the things

we do in face-to-face it was a close eye contact which includes body language which includes the voice and things like that we suddenly have to just rely on a budget digital markers to get there so for instance if you are site doesn’t have a very obvious and clear about section the possible creates or puts together everything that’s going on if you were if there’s not a lot of pictures on your site for people understand who’s behind the story in whose you are addressing. If the people are normally accessible besides you that content and in a purely for that sales purpose is the harder level before someone says yes and Linda taken action and do something with them is his or something game changing that you seem that his company redefine the successful business to make content creation online had a big with that level of bombast I would say that there’s a lot of times are people can make really good and useful content that serves and I decided be said about this company called bench that is automated accounting type software nothing less interesting read about that automated accounting software so they decided to the bunch of different things he you should’ve already automated by 2015 if you haven’t take the time and do it out in one of the products was theirs and anyone you know is there’s a new is by the same company they just read the ad for the article but because they also give you other things to think about during the articles I certify while this pretty cool so a lot of things to think about and oh but wait there’s is one of the solutions select a good model to mode you won’t you suggest is something that people should avoid completely I’m pretty tired of numbered list post on amazed that so many people are out there doing that I think that people using their social platform to recycle how much other peoples quotes is pretty lame and validity without there like there’s some inspiratio

nal quotes on Twitter today and that’s what people are stuffing in there so I get it sometimes removed it motivated me like the quarterbacks but if you’re thinking that’s received the ground unit to make simple business transactions which is not true of any other work environment where you can walk in and she some you just endlessly quoting information and we’re just not really helpful I don’t think so the there’s a lot of things to step-by-step treating people like there a lot of start thinking that maybe this was you conserve them to that process get more stuff done is that if you end a format working from a mindset of service than going to profit so what was it was one of the personal hurls that you possibly had to overcome in your rise to success in that hurdles every day and every week sometimes it’s the constant struggle to make sure they say no to as much as I can so they can say yesterday people I served a lot of times it’s trying to avoid the traps of just doing redundant things I think that sometimes reaches too many opportunities as opposed to serving the people that we could begin help the most and any family will follow that we can waste a lot of time at another hurdles just trying

to do you think people want versus what you think will serve people from your most and pure self you that that you really know how to do that you can really help somebody to three should secure so I mean if if I’m trying to build content and I want to be successful which hopefully people who are with his podcast are hoping to be in what’s that one thing back sort of golden rule that you seen repeated over and over that kind implies and that you could suggest to people I consumption revelations emanating want to copy other people I think that you noted that I did a pretty much never gets anyone anywhere that you just become part of this impact you try to get past of wanting to go after is finally be can express yourself exactly do you feel I am to the people that you really wish you could be addressing the most even if you’re not necessarily there you can get there by manager that are really passionate about cars that’s your life and you figured out a couple of ways you can make business out of that like I don’t need telling her accessories accessory aftermarket sales and things like that talk to those people very specifically and forget all the other people and and stop trying to copy the other

voices that are out there in the space because you don’t want to the next in line then you’re not first andattention anyway does it does it matter do think it matters only people are following you on twitter or how he people actually sharing your content is neither I think that you know I checked with my bank you need one making money so I can tell you that do not people falling into acids gone up the value of Twitter’s gone down some at $307,000 I have less engagement and had 50,000 followers so agitated that the that places changed because so many people are flooding in about content that it just doesn’t overweight used it since then what I’m always looking for is recommended the best to get somebody to give me access to their inbox via my newsletter because that’s the distill the place where the most effectiveness happens so I was just trying to it to earn a way to somebody’s inbox and keep the trust of that allows me to serve them from their review you talk a lot about standing outline the secrets to doing that and how how we do that how I stand out the Running a podcast how they stand out from other podcasts stop listening to the podcast up using their format stop using all of the things he h

eard some yesterday said he said it was a good idea stop because no one else had the format before and no one else will have it after and the shows in any better or worse than yours the minute you start unit using their model in your playing their game the book I wrote 2000 and I would Julian Smith trust agents first movie defeat was make your own. That we are and always be number one at so the fact that the Shali Dumas with his entrepreneur and fire model that every time if you them a copy that interview stop it smells like that interview style all the way to John nailed that no one else can do that again so now you pics of the method I think that the more restrictive formulas the more we try to work from a formula that will benefit I think that there are things that are supposed to be a formula and then there’s anything around at Coke is a formula should never mess with the flavor of Coke becoming dude no one buys it but would hope and instead instead does as they expand on how do we know cytosine with his brother more interesting more useful or whatever so that’s the tricky to keep the pieces automated this should be seeking focus on making the extra value and extra flavor you wrote a book called the freaks shall inherit the earth entrepreneurship for weirdos misfits and world dominators what was the message that you are trying to get across in the book that you have to be to like that shaky hands over boardroom table they could be anybody in is what you feel you are what I do W are in you find you the word is out there that are into what you’re into and Dungeons & Dragons you can find a way to make that into a business universe where the top 100 you tubers of the majority of them are actually just sitting around playing video games and making jokes that I do it it’s an interesting space because it tells us that billion-dollar videogame industry is taught is getting enough people w

ill live in billion-dollar film industry and yet we still don’t think in the mainstream that it’s is interesting simulate there’s just so many pockets of great value out there and all you have to do is just used to be we really want to be instead of copy somebody else so are you are you have the lines that you should follow your passion and the rewards will come from not a traditional phone service on there’s a lot of passions of don’t really benefit anybody else besides himself and that makes a masturbatory grad it feels good but you don’t get fed so you have to find ways to be of service know if you can be passionate about something we can also be of service that you got the magic but it’s never just you know passion because recommend into some corners don’t help anybody interesting answer so any tips for any kind of daily life routines that you use for writing also writing to irate 2000 4000 words a day depending on if I’m working on Flickr not when I’m working on a book or not I always worked to the idea that so that every time I can make as much time to write as I can and always practiced bruising was written about a radius of the don’t practice it daily also will what was last heavyset wrote some of the rela

ive can find the time we cannot find the time is always met or decided how we prioritize are time sensitive me started you how to make 250 word today than 300 and 500 and we stopped at 500 a day you are a typical into pages 250 words all you have to do is that 500 words times X number of pages you have a book every him for months most Bluestone she have the discipline to do that that that’s why noticeable done that they been thinking about for years somehow you keep the pace going and how do you keep everything alive and freshen and you are my it’s it’s a lot like the water in the stream if you’re if you’re working on ideas of the time if you’ve got all kinds of questions if you are paying attention to the people that you’re serving and answering what they need is always best the has done the always information out there that people are looking people don’t have a registered not any particular community emergency know thinking maybe I’ll find some alert will be in their own head with it is reasonable to blogs and listening to a bunch of podcasting: I hope I can come up with an idea will a block in the podcast is the synthesis of somebody else’s idea already so it’s like saying I want to stop tar

get and want by some shirts off the rack self-assurance will call you his reselling symbiosis don’t you got it a little further up the stream where you’re designing in your making the fabric in your putting it out there so a lot of times when people say that will have enough ideas in the don’t I keep a fast busy signal consuming other people’s instead of going on making ideas big so then what do you recommend for inspiration how does a person person reaches state were there not borrowing another person idea or and stealing content that we stop listening that’s number one it’s it’s amazing how many people are reading a couple hundred blocks of dancing ossuary you know that all the PR the right like Plan on a relate with the lowest house all the different people that somebody thinks that they want to be instead go find people and serve them and see what they’re talking about communities had a conversation with somebody that they were asking me I lay you know how to participate in a better way how to make that you know how to make it clear that I’m trying to make my business work better and I said well it’s really interesting and just watched a documentary but professional wrestling and I learned thi

s term called doing business what that meant was that in professional wrestling that the fights are somewhat determined in Windows Heatherton and and that’s planned ahead of time but choose how you can execute on that and if you like the other fibrillation respected to other fighter make sure when exactly the way it was can be best for the entire organization and I was called doing business and so I found that really interesting inspiration from something as weird as a documentary about professional wrestling I sure don’t find inspiration by reading somebody else’s blog because the synthesizing the same ideas Simeulue outside you were circle the final the good stuff because it doesn’t come from that places everyone else at each other stomach do you think it has to do with kind of moving outside of your comfort zone and getting getting out there and kind of actually finding yourself I arose whether you find ourselves this has been emulate the other people anyway that means not as we relate to other people’s perceptions but as we relate to the world around us and he set a bunch of times in this interview that service is really important to me by that I mean you go out and help in the most basic of what can bring a glass of water from these things your stuff happens this is never from something especially revelatory there’s never some loud thunderclap and then you suddenly have two plates in your hand God gave you instead it’s that you just put somebody drink you know if I could put more drinks to get more value and that’s where the

big stuff happens is in the little stuff very interesting man night I know that you run your own podcast is writing what you learned from all the guests that you can’t had on I’ve learned I have never an agenda never said questions always just listen as closely as I can and here whether taking it and that I think the last question imparted to the next question in your so that they’re not never following subscript in my head but instead I’m trying to find where the journey tenet take me and I find it with great about that as I was in up someplace I didn’t expect that was going to be and then it makes the practice for me and how to surface the things that are going to make this person shine to the community that them them in front of and what can I do to make sure that the community and putting them in front of realizes just how important this person is there potential growth what I’m thinking of it is like an introduction and so that the person will get to be known that I was never comes from ascetic questions almost always comes from figuring out what makes a person amazing and giving them the chance to play into it, man will I know your time is short and I really appreciate you being here is your place that people can find your work is you can put Chris of the newsletter that’s probably the best place to start opening. Your time Chris really appreciate being my other pleasure is the human experience and we are signing out think you so much for listening

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