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Hey guys soon this was a very challenging episode for me in the call quality was complete rubbish from echoes to pops and clicks and other mysterious noises luckily in the past incarnation for way did have some experience in sound engineering and production zones in the cleanup is much that possibly could there was a part of the episode that wasn’t salvageable only documents are so not too bad it took me about five hours to get to this level so obviously this will never happen again and huge lesson learned for me personally when the mall jewelry was left of this episode scheduling and surrogate the idea of what this involves a spiritism is more of a doctrine or a way of living perceiving the world exactly it’s it’s it’s it’s trying to and it’s knowing that you have to grow your spiritual side is knowing that you can’t be too materialistic me up to be up to be successful in this world etc. you have to love and care for other people of note you have to grow yourself and also help others as you can because that’s really what it takes because we are always here going our destiny is to be of pure high spirit which is you know you have to have love to everyone not just your immediate family but everyone you know everyone who’s alive the studies you got anywhere near the of course but that’s what we need to be every every year the ideology says Vista don’t worsen the impetus’s base something must hard in this realm what what is awaiting us know what is whispering Tercel am there is a great formula for Dr. X young you to…

Great political also why it’s important is because all subtitles in the book also with by Sheikh also near the release was a doctor in the ruling that only nothing since early 20 century and he rips Hoboken about this whole journey he died the spent some time in the lower results reflect on earth and then he he was hoped to go to a heavenly also: celestial city called also water is one of the first levels of a heaven to know the bad news is when you’re in heaven is not the leaching fields to not enough there doing nothing you actually you actually are so learning and working in helping other people and so even in the spirit book with the back of the key features of the book they say all the experts what’s have like will heaven as you keep working out because really hell would be eternal of leisure and doing nothing so you always are learning and working in fact of one of the stories that of the building will also was the stock in the country go unsymmetrical so live and his his mother who commit you jiggle many times his mother and he was like his mother is her spirit and his sister just died a while ago and his his sister was on the dumplings purchasers used about Catholic and hurt his mother said okay you don’t know worry, go little call you arrest you don’t worry about anything just to recover from your time on earth and then his sister said mom is what happens to spirit just as well spirit just approaches work right away so that was And so much mutation with the slick spirit how you can direct you do with your process I have no direct vacation I have I have the spiritual aptitude of a fence post so sorry for me all this is been my own reading rationality in my own experience but my obedience meeting meetings and I follow was a lot of great YouTube videos by people in in Brazil which is the result center the growing central spiritism right now there’s actually 5% o

f the people resort spiritist so that’s how I get information by looking at the videos and is also videos available in English people come here and give lectures simply couldn’t just rewind little bit and talk go back to reincarnation year worsen the main lessons that you see that people are need to learn have to learner can learn I think I think the main think the main lesson is is is the fact is that don’t not be so materialistic and mean this and this is our express in this culture means culture is all about of materialism and this puppy bit of an exaggeration but is is be less selfish less self-centered and try to help other people don’t gossip about people helped him help someone need to work help them out to try and understand what’s important what’s important about this life is his love and helping others is not about amassing the new car or a new dress or whatever so do you find that to ease and ascension to there’s a level of incarnation so a person could be assertive like medium level incarnation then you get to a point where you’re in a final incarnation and the new sent to what I what I believe is that you record many many times centuries and centuries and centuries and we are on a planet of of atonement which means a pilotless right now is a place where you go to learn to how to improve yourself from your past wrongs it was at some point time will cut become a plant regeneration and then you will still reincarnate mature incarnate in you’ll learn you learn things in a more calm the sensitive situation here with me regarding Earth Earth Earth is still a source of the horrible place in other bad things happen to you was long-suffering and as because that is what it should be it’s it’s a place to learn from your mistakes and if you’ve done Beth thinks the past breath things will happen to you so yesterday at one point time we will stop reincarnating that will happen but that we offer anybody here on earth is a long time from now but no big deal because roller mortal label you’ll come so you talk about the Redbook you talk about these varies for centers and to go through the crowns center and I guess they would be chakras I guess if that’s really the other end is that it correct this… With the chakras were so the centers tha

t is how he or your made up of three elements right it’s your physical body repair spirit which is appears pretty to look up like a futuristic spacesuit witches, covers your body parts transparent and then your all your experiences all your memory come from your cursor is connected to your spirit disputable retain everything you have your you have a memory of everything you’ve done in this life past lives wherever and in your pair spirit is cast although different for centers always chakras you brought up something interesting that I was later but upset now why don’t I don’t we remember our past lies mean that seems like it would be a pretty big deal as far as learning goes me if I could remember all the mistakes that I made in my last life than around you have must be a be less prone to making it again stakeholders a couple reasons for this and” for some unlike say is that the two have some ties to your previous lives and there’s two things that you have you have your your conscience and your incidents so you’re within each of us is is this a set of the bylaws we know it are in our conscience what’s right and wrong but do we listen to it but that’s why you should listen your cut your conscious passes set of walls and also has a set of previous experience of how you interpret these laws in your instincts that you are going to the dark alley whatever that is think is been home through multiple multiple lifetimes thousands of years now why do we have our complete past memories as a couple reasons on that one is is we can’t look at being here on earth as wer

e trying to learn scientific things were trying to learn Okayama do differential equations are were going to your good deal learned up computer program all that is probably better learned in the spirit world were there very technically in other more advanced where we are here really are learned to the mailed our emotions Miller change her attitude you modify her beliefs and through that we we go through more emotional experiences in don’t want our past they want us to go through these experiences so our past is not influence our our our ability to change and transform because the branches were going here now the other thing is the spirit world wants people to reconcile so you may be born into a family that you did something that you may have stolen money for the family you may have had a bad marriage for something else are you me been whispered lover then you may be born the family is a person sister of the postnatal money from the person son so that you can reconcile the family enough people knew what they done to each other in the past that could be very difficult and regain that love and trust is an interesting take on it when I’m still a bit skeptical here and I just I just find the whole idea of the as you terminate the serial incarnations to linear incarnations in the exhibit hard to follow just because the meanest if time is his time was pretty slow man in it if I’m if I am only existing this one coronation right now it’s it’s complete me a lot of Earth years to get to a point where I can send and get off the planet essentially what what what synthesis me for being so self selfless doctor is the question because I meet you can make a decision you will have to become selfless you can begin a you can stay in this and this pattern of regarding the pilot told for long as you want for thousand thousands of years up and yes your your first comment is yes as Gothic a long long time so what’s in it what’s in it for you is will first while in when people know the reports we’ve had like from unreleased song on the celestial city when you when you asce

nd mean you are surrounded by loving caring and you just know you’re lighter your less dance you you feel better is like I cut you tell people it’s like no have you ever worked in a place where you just love everybody worked with Mandelson and those in those expressions are so rare right to last a couple years whatever but you just love going to work you like the people you work with you one hang out with them that’s really kind of what you doing what you really love what you which are passionate about right that’s that’s your reward so how do you explain this incarnate it’s like the ghosts and paranormal phenomena people that that seem to be stuck on the sort of alternate dimension and self first all amazed to say this the whole thing about talking about ghosts and spirits is kind of amazing because no youth you think back and no carrier in this culture and we’ve all look back at the ill the more primitive culture for the believe in ghosts and spirits of all those people know nothing but now here I am saying about all this and we’re really know the spirit roles all around us so be that strange in itself but yes the spirit world is around us enters many people there’s there’s like his more history levels but but roughly there’s Thursday the abyss which is like a purgatory are innocent not really held because hell means permanent but it’s it’s for people who’ve been local animals they go and they exists at that level and there’s all the levels around the earth that were people exist with other people like them it’s it’s the law of affinity has really work you go always the lab affinity so what is a lot of affinity you are going to associate with people like you so fear up if you are a you know pickpocket in your petty thief you will probably associate with other people like that and then if you know if you’d so that those people do not ascend about ready to ascend because they still a still no art have emotionally want to have vengeance on people they wanted you want to get back to people so those people will be in the Oakland alone resulted Ambra with the same Portuguese Brazil still be on earth around the earth or logo below it learning the fact that this is not a great place to be and it’s not supposed to be great place to be because at eventually th

ey will come to the to the point in time with a oversight will you know what this is how I want to be I don’t want to be mean to other people and then they will be helped by the spirit guides to the list this people from the also are the social cities costlier on earth trying to help other people not just physical people in credits but discredits ascend and become better having of these are much false like constructs or how we know that this is they have a specific agenda at and I don’t mean ghost Coast to mean to seem like a tape loop like like an imprint that in time space that kind of stuck there because of the frequency of experience that a person touting so intense like if a person is murder something in a house somewhere because of the intensity of that experience it it’s sort of imprinted in that space to denote mean Bryant but I know exactly what you mean and you I read about this all the time of books by to those of you under Louise a lot of people are stuck on earth because they are stuck in this memory in time and place over over again and it and paste the civilian type of play wanted to THEMSELVES the people to say what vengeance on the person because the person did something wrong to them in the replay that vengeance on them over and over again so I it’s exactly as you describe as many spirits here that are into into this infinite loop where they have this one thought of this other spirits here that there don’t believe in the afterlife they think us when they die they die and that they stay when they die to stay asleep before help brought in the colonies to be awakened solely because you are what your mind tells you are in the spirit will write you when you die you look to what you want to look you appear the way you want to appear soak your thoughts up our set something emotion is a god behind in spirit to the murders are source with us gets it so what they say spirits is amiss is God created everything he created the set of the bylaws and the results of thing is a miracle that everything happens according to the laws of God and that the very very high spirits are the ones that communicate to God and bring down his orders and his messages to us interesting how long long is the that time I guess you could say between choosing planning your life out choosing your new body out how long do you spend in that space of the afterlife varies varies widely there’s there I was just read about people who spent you know I can thousan

d years in the lower zone and didn’t want to improve but usually it’s what I read it’s about 25 to 30 years sometimes low 17 years that you go from of life you’ve spent time in the spirit world you will go to classes to learn what you do you’ll you’ll you’ll plan your next life out and you’ll come back while Einstein eat your heart out. Relativity exists in the lower spirit realms I mean wow man a minute if I spent 10,000 years in a lower spirit realm I I couldn’t even kill myself because are dead to try scientists.this does seem like how actually there but it does seem like oh yes but any there there are some notable figures that were spirituous call you may think he talks can you going to synchronicity little bit in your opinion on shirts of Carl Jung he didn’t he was the spirit testing people you spiritism and he believed in CIGNA city and one of the examples of that is what he was talking to a woman a patient who had this to steal Shia disparate logic you have your best solar winds which is similar kind of bug would have to does all the ill jeweler scarab than also this beetle that looks like a scared came in at the end at that precise moment and that’s recalled that synchronicity is that there aren’t coincidences there are still those events that are planned and he even said this he said the others events are planning your life and the plan for your life is for you to become better spiritually and that’s exactly what the doctors purchase of also says is that when you buy out your life you can plan of the series of events and nobles will happen so synchronicity’s that kind of g

uide where you’re headed anyway were like guide markers and warning signs yes I mean those the mean who you married it could be one sign the children you have the job you lost a job you made me the fact that the fact that the bank at work forward broke meant that must of been planned so then what what is the marker for deciding when the lesson is learned is there is there an energetic connection like if for example if I get married to a person that I been married to before in previous lives and were supposed to learn a specific lesson do is that marriage kind of dissolve after that that lesson is learned do people exit and enter your lives through your various lessons to find number lessons are similar to all the questions and I don’t really know the answer to that of I believe that if the psych marriage for second is once you are you have a notice purchase soma you can be with them many lives and that this meter there forever but I think that there there are lessons let’s say as example a a.m. like I had kidney stones right in to meet a host of a suffering but I’m sure I I I deserve for something else what did I learn from that your learn about suffering and so forth I don’t know what I I was. I know it ended so that means that lesson ended at some point in time home I know I you I went I got married I headed I had a first marriage that wasn’t very well I know when that ended I believe that that was a marker of going into my second marriage and I learned from what I did wrong what they did right of my first marriage I just think there are things you can’t but I think it’s really up to you to examine your life and determined that I can tell you of your set of guidepost that would note that right in the middle road that tells you is very is a point where you’re in the afterlife and you decide oh well I just don’t want to reincarnate again pump and dump learning here let’s let’s move on to you ever noticed her encounter that yes I’ve seen that I’ve strive read about that workable vacancies my iPod or reincarnate the for the work people on earth to have no choice as they don’t plan t

he regulations of the higher spheres in a plan that for them but what you get to the celestial city you can make a decision not to reincarnate but what that means is you don’t progress because unless you learn what you need to learn you will progress legal stay at that level of quality walkabout to force you to reincarnate what happens to suicide deaths people who choose to commit suicide how is our that is and always thought you always like Roman history are set that suicide in many cases to be very honorable thing) I can see anything wrong in it but was spiritism what I have learned is that you’re given this body your your assigned to the series of events and yet you try to exit your college early so what happens is that when you are a suicide is that when you die you stay in the lower zones and tell the time of when you would’ve naturally died when you are planned and is also a group called in as more people committed to setting alone because Andrew Luis the one who wrote the book is a large mother books when he died he went to the lower zone and wandered around in miserable and people come up to him other spectacle called so cycles like a suicide we want to know so are any recovered and visit all your suicide is not a suicide I died on the operating table below your unconscious suicide you can take care of yourself a great EXT guided by syphilis on at that point in time I you know you did a very unsafe things so we call out unconscious suicide so you think of all the people using drugs smoking too much whatever is lockable dying their labels unconscious suicide and unfortunately they will spend some time in the lower zone before they are help to to get out of the Toledo will want to ascend as you have guessed it Tommy yes you have to be you have to have that attitude work I want to learn to be no care about everyone else care about people’s much like Turbo myself love other people and in want to serve her mean it’s all the old it’s the stake in right from the New Testament were no those who serve to what is the difficulty in this process do you think most people our souls what have you it’s usually everyone’s getting stuck in the traps in the game are not the sending of me but it is difficult right mistake about it all this year and how difficult it is to really care about other people make you walk down the streets demonstration you see this bomb anything is a lot bumped and don’t because they look at me and I meet everyone’s like that right right but usually are you are you see someone addresses funny, I’m never like that doesn’t affect me and I’m trying to change my

thought is thought to have power and it’s like a bouquet of all the poor guy you know he’s probably had a really scored with the vocal lesson though a mean it’s it’s it’s difficult not being self-centered and selfish you talk about’s mental telegrams and you just kind of interesting to me so to saying that that what I’m thinking can project out at midnight I kind of feel this way anyway but it is for the sacred listeners that that my thoughts are projecting out people pick up and receive these thoughts as well communicating on the levels yes I do believe that proving all like radio transmission towers are thoughts go out weekly by and one of the books of the major mediumship manual was it was to go spirit guide wrote it forward to the boat and we all have unique IDs is like Roth IP addresses so that’s what our thoughts are no other spirits know over thinking and were at any given time because our thoughts go out we also recently see thoughts is also the thing were they did a study enough you saw that the book were when the they had random number generators throughout the front the world down with a interviewed Roger Nelson had met interesting word and work in all whole sudden things change lipid because of your people were thinking the same thing right and definitely intriguing. I just I cut, want to know more about reincarnation and why a primary after reincarnate to learn these lessons in the first place I would rather be nothing against Earth Earth does seem kind of like kind of pattern of man I just read I’m okay with you know being on a different planet towards being floated around space somewhere I’m cool with that so I just denied the whole idea of reincarnation and then the idea of only reincarnating linearly eight that hurts my feelings behind take that personally like I can imagine that I just that got a while for me to absorb it and told this is why recredit you think about first of all think about the power lies. Think of the power of Jesus when he was on the sermon them out so in the spirit spoke late with these say is that when Jesus talk to people spirit of amount EXT put in mental images and their Mina trisomy people went to the sermons that’s why so many people stayed even though they are probably hungry tired and thirsty thi

nk of the power this this high spirit had to change people the two of you know the people do anything you wanted to the hill people etc. now think about someone like me are you or anyone else in the audience whose head would have that same power so if you had up our work and you saw some beautiful woman in the bar no would you take advantage of that say you love me our note you would know to stop with you think of the power thinking allows the executive of Jesus and the well-known pickup artist is exactly so you have to have to look it ask you if I callous out some right sort was made right with you 10,000 hits right in with the steal your to take all the blemishes else would be hard still writing it to be a perfect diamond that’s what we go through an reincarnation every blemish every flaw we have is to be fixed over time and and I’m sorry to say but this can be a long long time but we are mortal folk at the end of the will be that long it will but it will be a long time for us to have all blemishes and are flaws removed William of Québec CVM to Jesus parables recite our listeners to take account of I wanted to unit so he said it’s pretty even that even other like religion say that eating a Islam and of some of the Senate masters in the Hindu cultivated they revere Jesus makes it he was also a Senate masters what happens like a Jesus as he is done to see if he extended do we have to become and of becoming a Jesus to get to the next state what is the process of the hierarchy of his exams the others harking in Jesus is up he is like the color of our planet elders other planets with other people like Jesus control of other planets in and in our solar system there is a income of art art art area of the nebula there are people there are spirits were in charge of that area the nebula there to you since you sent to a point where you get to control your own planet basically are more power in it but the galaxy resource galaxy but felt and I’m not sure that everyone assisted to that level because I think it is just me know what else thinks this but it’s a lot like a company where there’s different there’s different routes of session.everybody has become president of a company you can become a very good technical group right like you can become the overhead of accounting the I think there are different ways to ascend and to become of you know a very high-level spirit in them becoming in charge of a planet and in that type of thing to keep the planet the residence of a planet confer some type of energy to a better reflect it if it’s that Congress reciprocity to the process of you can become a planet is there is there tied to perhaps a worshiping certain plants and things like that without not that I know of as fours worshiping different plans I think that you can no longer issue to worship God works of the other goodness and you make poker sets of other thing I want to make sure people know is that you have to be religious to ascend me as long as you’re caring and loving and an honorable person you will either you don’t have to be a member of any religion to send to you have a good Jesus character who is has dominion over the eart

h and he seems to be on team Jehovah or Tim Yahweh or this this and this Demi urge or whatever you call it this entity where do there must be others as this were like a Satan comes in the player other other beings that have the process was his work so there are there’s no such thing as Satan for say there are spirits that of that have stayed in the yet the abyss for a long courage at times but they will be each each area of earth has its own like little many areas of little governments or even the lower zone has some organization in its like it’s like we are here on earth is like the prisoners are you know in charge the prison so but there’s only Jesus Jesus has all the power so that the note this closest thing that I know of us fallen Angels of them are saying it’s more spirits that just stayed in the abyss and became became powerful within all little spheres of influence within that area within the lower zone but even they eventually will get no will get the call and up and understand that’s not how they want to be and they will rise up and become better spirits to get a spiritual Australia earlier this We are strict Australia is worth planet with all the way until we were not enough people that you’re really want to be with it were nuts about civilize role pretty immature spirits here and were all going through class and in the writing it I believe Jesus looks at us like were kindergartners and a look at the another know that there isn’t what you know what’s when you got you got a second book that you’ve written here if we could talk about that little bit explore your destiny and go into that for what Drupal viewed to write it so exploded just it really solid summary coronation was to be the foundation of notes for · knew what you can do exporter just a really goes through what is spirit role about what’s the organization of it what are the different levels of us of the spirit world one of the note is the whole proce

ss of this ice I believe there’s a lot of answers and there of you know why were here what’s the future of the earth that people don’t looking for the whole lives without you certainly free fruit for people be skeptical not believe it but I think is a group of aunt of answers here nowise there are so bad not an house to get better and I think it’s in know the answers aren’t spirits as we all know people stop becoming a plan of the Tolman at some point in time it will be to apply the regeneration was will be a better p

lan in them much less replace the loop on WR but I’d definitely have experienced events like this in my life where it definitely feels like I’m experienced something that can something that I’ve I’ve noticed feeling its intuitive kind of feeling where I feel like I’m supposed to learn a lesson here and no experience the specific aim and accompanying that will be synchronicity’s and an page and I will see like numbers and and things around me kind of lineup settlement. There is something to this I just got enough there there something I have this guy just a little bit more there’s another piece that of knowledge that I’m I’m looking for here and met somehow find it says that it’s not easy and it it’s each of us have to note the site for ourselves and we shall be skipped skeptical and be rational about what we believe right to work were approaching the end here is there is there anything that you’d like to kind of any advice that you like to give people who are going to be reincarnating eventually I think one of the great things about it reincarnation is that when you get older me is the time our culture as well as ego leave off your dreams and not know that you fantasize about what you want to be when you grow up it that type of thing of all that is Ike encourage people to keep that think about what you wanted to spare room what you want to the next life is it because it’s cute you know your life you

are immortal youth you will live forever you will outlive the sun so don’t don’t give up what you want to be don’t give up the vision of the future no give up improving yourself that like that you know there’s a lot of people kind of talk about of Kenneth what they want to know what their past lives were I can find it fascinating to figure out what your future lives really like future life progression or something that I would bet that you have exhibited additionally think there is something to be learned here is there is exists this movement of people who want to know more about what were doing your what our purpose is why were here how we got here where here is to begin with and and I agree I think a think think being positive and and making the right choices and having a sense of nobility in and being honorable the small positive qualities are all good things Dr. usual at something in your excellent aspirin like what specific come experiences that of you have that pretty much confirmed that this was reality for you and what prep synchronicity is or what kind of seal the deal on it is pretty the summits going on your life personally what you been expecting you think that you are going through as this spirit of what spirit are you yeah I mean I think I think that the meeting it’s called was was was note my wife as glee calling future events and then the fact that we went to him to reel the summer we were part of those here for true spiritual center that the spiritual center in income take notes of the barrio of a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro and just be without a mature mediums meeting the talk to other spirits there which was interesting but I think one of the things it was amazing was we went to a spiritual healing Center and in-depth and that’s the feeling center they know the Spurs go behind of the person helps you in yelp and I tell you my backs were hurting for years and years my backs better into my with my wife got got herself better dealt with that positive thinking that I think a lot of it isn’t because we do in a week are subdural physicians but I keep seeing things you don’t time after time work were little things like like that make a difference in and make a belief with what happens during mediums ship’s session th

at mean I’ve I’ve never experienced that are seen outside the interested so we were at a mediums meeting and it was a median of the virus in and it’s a meeting for the obsessed spirits and so we are but we weren’t on the table where I was around the table and so what spirit to come through and is the and and talk through one of the mediums and end like this one lady was saying I will help me I’m I’m burning my know might my skin hurts white research and talk about my terrible husband did this to me and then the husband came and said well you know I should’ve done this to work but and it was all about making the two spirits forgive each other so long because it’s like you’re talking about people in this infinite loop these people were in this loop and Muslims what he was talking it was must’ve been backed up in 1920s the realtor generally consisted in aluminum or more, we were on them and so forth and it is their target these two spirits to forgive each other in the whole purpose of the meeting was to get the spirits of talk each other other and to learn to let go abandoned and a great area is so to the part the part you guys conduct these meetings so that you can heal spirits that are alr

eady in this disc this incarnate type state that exact that’s that’s what spirit is like they hold means that the help spirits all means electrical bill have meetings then like for people who lost loved ones to get messages from loved ones and everything and in all this is you notice you should never do this for profit in a religious for money it’s it’s a gift from God and you you do this to help other people you will find the security dangerous of all avenues a chance of possession like what that’s a good question and that’s why you when you have these meetings and if you like in spirituous groups you should never as people like another Ouija boards are doing this yourself what we’d put what you should do is you have it at the same time like one would less they know Friday nights at 8 PM every spirituous me at that time because then the spirit the spirit guides will come in the box you protect your area and they will regulate the spirits are allowed into that room and they’ll actually be around the spirit and have them ill help talk through up a physical medium and they will protect against any other spirits to come around to hold?Andthatitavailabletospacetoprotectthespacetaxihaveyouknowdifferentmethodstokeepotherspiritsoutsotheycancontrolititwillselectthespiritsofneedhelptho


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