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Mark asks my Savior enzyme was guessed that he secured key tapping YouTube welcome Mr. eats think you being here so that you have me and please, Brad Usher Bread so you’re your story is really interesting of you you are an actor and how did you did you get into the FT and I have started at in high school and then majored in drama and college left college to true the world doing children’s theater and then I moved to Hollywood to few things Dr. on television all that in the Los Angeles and that my life and when our first child was on the way I thought in the home maybe I should have a backup career’s cigarette family caretaker so a insert in a job I trained to be hypnotherapist and I was a year-long training became less house on the staff of the hypnosis motivation estate and really enjoyed that so in the next couple years I started building my practice and at the same times continued my acting career tests such as it was if both of you get it bearlike like most actors and the when our second child was on the way that you know what I’m really enjoying doing hypnotherapy am really enjoying working with people and personal development and funding alive why continue to struggle as an actor when everything are really found my calling here doing this personal development work so we left Hollywood moved up to California and it was through similar hypnotherapist that I was in a network with heard about this tapping process emotional freedom technique so I went to a conference Las Vegas and learned this is looking process of.

Interface puts in a having having been actor this is not strange thing I’ve ever done cells in the one that was started hypnotherapy were just some of the process so that it gets the point where my practice was mostly the FT and I sold a limited diagnosis as part of my work but primarily That’s really really intriguing actually I find them there went through some of your YouTube videos in your website and your you very disarming nature of your very calming and you have this kind of justice this energy about you that it just it drops your guard and and you also can finally have this sort of way is think I was looking at a clearing resistance and there is a skull in the background there’s a picture of a skull and so of course the notice the scope immediately and continue to place if there did you have it set up for that yes it was all EXIT of the great things about you it is used that he definitely plays into the actor that’s still very much a part of who I am right and in a summer some of the videos are more theatrical than others smothered one quite goofy and some of them but I try to bring at least a little bit of humor into each one is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down because so often when would this work were working with heavy stuff and I have videos on emotional pain and feelings of abandonment trauma grief and loss so wants to go in six and and watch a video on grief that scurvy if you’re really down its dates just painful so try to bring at least a little bit of humor some lightness to the work so that it makes it less painful That’s that’s good I can tell I’ve start practicing you talk about on your website if he talks about your your training in under other energy modalities like where you are bewitched which one specific gift he doesn’t work on Meridian endpoints like where the Marines RCN yes these are the invoices of several the radiance that are used in traditional acupuncture which has been around for thousands of years and there’s some other energy techniques that I’ve learned about such as rate he be set free fast which is very similar I need it comes the same foundations as he FT tapas acupressure technique and these are all wonderful techniques there are not looking energy healing worker much a healing work as being like music there a lot of different genres there are a lot of different instruments and people play expressed differently in others guitar but you have Jimmy page playing guitar differently than Eric Clapton planted differently than Bob Dylan and I would never say well there’s only one right way so but it’s also not up to Bob Dylan to play guitar just like Eric Clapton and just like Jimmy page and so we find you just finds the instrument and genre that is right for us but I would never in a play rock ‘n roll and Seo rock ‘n roll the only way to go you can’t listen to jazz and classical was that so it’s people Finder

tried different techniques I have found a lot of value of different techniques the tapping work just seems to be the one that fits my particular way of working so that said that’s why I use as my primary tool now there’s something that you you’ll stock about the piano principle that your analogy which I really like can you explain that further so I mentioned yesterday walked into sometimes you been invited over to someone’s house in a beautiful house in walk-in and right there in the living room Mrs. beautiful grand piano just thinking about what a magnificent instrument say to the owner could you plainly something amazing how I do not find an employment I can play chopsticks but that’s it and then there’s the sense of well no sums too bad this is beautiful instrument not being played and how look at us the same way we would have so much potential there is so much that were capable of and so many of us are are just plain chopsticks but it will really really falling short is not in our safety shape is I don’t want this to ever be about shame things not only would be ashamed of what they’re doing or not doing because that doesn’t them benefit anyone your shame and guilt doesn’t serve anyone this matter look am going yeah you know okay here I am plain chopsticks but wow you know what if I could play something by Beethoven or Tchaikovsky or Mozart it would be great if I made more of the more use of this this incredible resource I think I think a big part of the FT seems to be that you’re taking responsibility for your emotions we feel and you’re your own thing you know your what’s happening to you and in that your you’re taking control summary very much so greatly put it to the because so often we live like victims and all something bad is happening on feeling really bad I can’t get out of it I can’t help but be sad or can’t help but be angry in leasing was going on out there was like a bumper stickers that say if you’re not out if you’re not outraged not pay attention and I discovered those bumper stickers office we don’t need more people outraged with look at the shootings going on the violence going on we don’t need more outreach people what we neither are people looking at things and going through I think I can figure out something to help this in our outrage anger is there to motivate us and action bites into it to just there and be angry without doing anything is is of no value so most of us would go through and were trained to be guided by our emotions we just let our emotions rule us and so that’s why this technique is called emotional freedom technique is it gives us the freedom to shift our emotions to choose our emotions so we can say okay something’s happened I’m having this response I’m I’m feeling angry on feeling sad I can process that they are willing to use the expression negative emotions because no no emotions negative every emotion is there for a reason for but we want to process.

them as quickly as possible so if we look at the anger is like a smoke detector you know we don’t when smoke detector goes off we don’t go all started stupid thing I shouldn’t never put it in it’s just there for a purpose is there to alert us that something needs to be done in a weather that’s going to fire or change the batteries with something needs to be done but so often with emotions we get it fixed in the filing. We just sit there we try to cover our years and we complain about the noise and we just deal with it and I just it really spoils our day meanwhile were not find out if there’s a fire we put out so with the tapping it gives us the ability to process emotion and say okay as an just responding in this very uncomfortable way I want to look and see what is it that I can do and chief among the them of the uncomfortable emotions and perhaps underline all of the uncomfortable emotions fear and fears really where we get stuck when were angry cry because her something that were afraid of when were sad there’s a fear. Fear of loss something going on there so in these fears control us choices that we make we make our choices from an emotional place and when were not taking charge of our emotions we don’t take responsibility for the misuse and then it makes it very difficult to make the choices that help us create the life we want in making choices constantly and unfortunately most the choices we make our unconscious based on emotions and then more often than not based on fear so we find ourselves not doing what would bring about our goals we find yourself doing things that are harmful to our body and handily beat ourselves up afterwards so when I move when I feel a state of anger and I start to your tapping my wrist store hand and I am moving to these different points want what’s happening physiologically what’s what’s occurring so based on the on the crystals of acupuncture which for thousands of years they said business flow of energy through the body on these pathways called meridians and when this energy is flowing naturally we experience natural state of health and well-being physically emotionally and when this energy is disrupted or blocked in some way and we don’t feel so could so in traditional acupuncture.

stick needles in these key points of the endpoints actually there a lot of different points that they would put needles in the long meridians to stimulate healthy flow of energy were doing the same thing Getting the energy flowing again that us that the traditional viewpoint of forward on the tapping also have modern research showing the one were doing the tapping dramatically lowering cortisol levels so stress hormone Yeah exactly so you know most of what we experience as is discomfort in the body we often call stress so has been the tapping weird dramatically lowering stress and what happens is you know this we have what’s called the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system so distant the new system is when when we respond to a situation that we find a threat we going to fight or flight to see the oldest older part of our brain that response and we going to fight or flight and we start pumping cortisol and adrenaline and we start preparing ourselves for battle and were looking at okay to have to run or do I tensed up and I try to be as strong as possible and fight whatever the threat is right now this part of the brain was develops no 10 200,000 years ago when there were life-threatening situations going on more neighboring tribe coming with spears or a sabertooth tiger now it might be that someone you know someone on the street who looks different than I says would you look at in our brain responds exactly what if we seen a sabertooth is a fight or flight were still pumping cortisol and it’s just not a real good place for body so we have what’s that called the parasympathetic nervous system where the brain starts to what we start to control why we lower the levels of cortisol we start to go back and more creative thinking that the thinking goes back from the midbrain back into the forebrain that prefrontal cortex where we have more creative more rethinking what critical thinking more common sense so that’s what we’re doing with tapping is were moving from that fight or flight back into a more and more analytical more creative way of looking at things and saying okay that’s not a sabertooth tiger I am not really in real danger right here right and so were able to calm down and make healthier choices That’s amazing I I tried it and I asked my mom to it and she was pretty excited about it is for someone with concerning money that you did and just letting go of this sort of attachment that we have to towards the negative side of having money and all the negative views that we have on having money and are doing in the following it and I did it for few mornings and I could see more clearly like after his stomach it but my vision was more clear and I really felt a change in my body I didn’t stick with it it we tend to drift back into our habits so and yet the this is great when you talk about is by doing a regularly missed this is what I recommend tapping on a daily basis because

it is like energy hygiene you have physical hygiene we take showers on a daily basis and we brush to brush and floss her teeth on a daily basis hopefully we don’t wait until the people around us are holding their nose and backing away from us men say okay maybe now is time to take a shower now started brush my teeth. We don’t don’t wait until it’s the but this is what we do stress stress builds up so as you set by the by tapping on a regular basis you found yourself seen more clearly because all of the that little bit of stress that we carry so often in story and pay attention to really study clouds are our thinking it holds us back a lot of ways that causes a lot of problems but we just you know are so correct program just think while this is the way life is stress just part of life in this that and it builds up it builds up until someone says something to us and we blow up at them all out of proportion and looking at us and thinking while where did that come from well it came from what you said and it came from what happened to me this morning and what my boss said to me yesterday afternoon and the traffic jam that I was in two days ago all the things of builds up and out coming out so the tapping its that’s notes that take an energy shower and their clean up the dirt that that’s before it builds up its really really intriguing so what you think has been your most note secured case that you seen it in your your experience doing this like that but you worked on help the person move fast notes and severity of units in other been a lot of their big childhood traumas child molestation lines where where I’ve worked with folks and you know in a relatively short time in making our may be made so sometimes it Been in like five minutes of the tapping depending on the person in a state because the way our brains are wired and all the different incidents that we’ve gone through some issues may take longer to clear up but I have worked with a woman once who had been molested she had a very clear images submit a happen oh 30 some idea years earlier and just and in almost on a daily basis at some point in the day it should think about it and it would cause a physical upset and in a matter of the 1015 minutes of tapping she said

Alex is like watching a movie at second some To someone else and she could talk about it without any emotional response suffers the things that are really excited to see someone’s been imprisoned by the thought of memory for decades and still on their older people on the been through a divorce I years and years and years earlier called decades actually and still was painful and then was actually able to laugh about recognize allow you know it’s a good thing that I’m not with that game so so this goes back to just us kind of storing this like in our bodies and are like cellular memory and an holding these traumas and these paintings that we have energetically and then pressing or topping ingredients and releasing them that’s that’s what the fundamental thing that’s happening here this is worked as were tuned into the stress response and we do the tapping we can clear the stress response I even in coordination with thinking about that we can break that cycle so that were not continually go to continually go into that triggered state so anything that we hang you know what people say I’ll just get over that in a way that Idaho’s 20 years ago while because not so easy to say we do what we do because we believe it’s how were supposed to do it to take care of ourselves self sabotage is misguided self-love it’s us try to take care of yourself. The person who keeps upset enough thinking about a traumatic event from their childhood and it causes the pain on a daily basis are not doing this to themselves because wow I’m just a masochist and I really feel like being an emotional pain every day seems like a good thing that it what fun it’s because something inside said at that age I can never let this happen again and I need to make sure that I never forget this happened because no one can be able to do that to me again I’m been to be hyper alert hyperaware website no service the soldiers gone back for more there’s that hyper alertness that because you looking for these threats and you and you want there’s that part of the brain says I have to remember that it’s a matter of survival that I remember this and as painful as it is to loot to relieve to read is not painful to relieve it is good that they wanted to relive it as painful as it is to relive it part of the brain says yes but it would be even more painful to forget about it and risk having it happen again so when someone were doing the tapping were breaking that up and up and allow ourselves to look at it from our older wiser more mature mind and say you know what I don’t have to hold onto the pain in order to make good choices notify if I cut my finger on something I don’t need to make sure that the wound never heals so that I never make that mistake again for you it’s it’s so easy to really focus on the order I think a person remembers their negative experiences much more than the words their positive experiences in whatever whatever avenue of experience may be like if you’re playing poker you know when you’re when you’re winning you’re not really secure your writing that rush of winning but it stopped lost but losing battle really gets you stays with you so says it’s it’s a matter of survival to remember this remember this moment in any emotional we learn best with emotion so and we with the really positive t

hings we remember those two bites those things what those times when we live in a place of danger that the mind says okay let’s really etched this in stone is important is of great importance that we remember this to protect ourselves so it’s as we like. I think that we have this sort of box of learning that were kind of stuck in an room we repeat these kind of actions which stand up not working and so when you use this technique which is sort of out-of-the-box it I think at first it it’s it’s very gainful and there does seem to be of a very deep psychology aspect behind it is working I can imagine what working with the client would would feel like you have to be there with that person and guide them private right yet it definitely just even from a physical standpoint even just tapping without saying anything can have a lot of great benefit because were clear that stress response now you can add into it different kinds of psychology in a hypnotic language in NLP cotton to behavioral therapy is there a lot of different tools you can then use with the tapping and quiet of their assembly therapists who have added tapping into their work because they find wow you what it’s doing CBT with my client and it’s been beneficial with the tapping adding in this physical aspect there able to make these the this growth so much more quickly doubts intriguing really select the stuff can help people which is why we have you here today is there is there something else that you would like to discuss along these lines is a something that you like to share technique or anything like that what would you like to do some testing absolutely do it give you your listeners a taste of this church 101st is already teach everyone the very basic form of emotional freedom technique that will the very basics of it so that this is that the very simple tool you can use when you’re in a place of stress so go ahead and will be tapping with our fingertips and the people you were But what is that so now’s I actually described the technique if you haven’t seen the videos your first reaction might be I’m sorry what you wanted a tap on my face I decided people have a teacher very simple tool that can dramatically lower stress it can help improve your health your finances your career your relationships would you be interested in six all sounds great yet okay so take your fingertips On your face all you actually my life good good thanks so so if you’re willing to move beyond that because the benefits are really worth the while this would take data fingertips up to had just for you can use either hand and tapping

either side of the body the second demonstration on say go ahead and use your right hand right hand and with the fingertips of your index and middle finger, it is with two or three fingers four fingers if you like the gentleman stood with two fingers digging as you find I’m not really big on rules not like it must be these two fingers it must be this many taps it must be at the very it’s a very gentle and forgetting process so we do with the two fingertips of your right hand tapping on the side of the left hand so will post a karate chop points if you imagine you know kind of breaks aboard the karate chop you’d use that edge of your hand between European interest select a little of that U fingertips is just a light tap tap tap tap tap motion tapping yet generally will tap 5 to 10 times depending on as we go through and were tapping different phrases you know I phrases longer than we might end up tapping 2025 times don’t worry about that it’s not a matter of it must be between five and 10 times just to general number so he There the Nevada different point in their times when you’ll find it In particular point it just feels right to stay there for it and that’s okay to their a lot of times Raleigh tapping I just feel like staying tapping on one point so as you go through this as you get comfortable with it you’ll find what works best for you to do so to live with a very basic here to you’d be tapping the side of hand and you decide what issue that you wanted to clear so let’s say I am really angry at Bob know my friend Bob is really just me off today he did something and so I would say a Angry about how great that scales you to 10 being I’m ready to rip his head off 009 it bought all so let’s say you know it’s a good senator age right now and I wonder where I feel that it’s to my it’s in my arms feel this heaviness my arm to this energy my arms in the Navy and not the stomach tightness in the throat to because we don’t know if emotions or will we call feelings because we feel we can don’t think our feelings we don’t sit there very common relaxants a caution all I’m really really angry right sit something we feel in our bodies so you know if we can if we can get in touch with all right I feel it mostly in my arms and my chest wherever and I can raid on a scale of 0 to 10 then that they leave the window working with so then I would say okay tapping on the side of the hand and say even though I have this anger at Bob choose to love and accept myself out and repeat that three times even have Sen. Bob choose to love and acceptance then I would tap that each of these points to the first point is the eyebrow point crystal right at the beginning of the eyebrow just a sort of the middle the face just above the nose and we There and say this anger at Bob anger about and then will move to the side of the iso-following the eyebrow out to the outside corner of the eye socket Temple In the right intent right before in front of and say this anger at Bob’s finger at Bob and litigants are following the edge of the eye socket to write under the middle of the tapping right below the eye but the chief this anger at Bob’s anger at Bob and right under the nose just above the upper lip this anger at Bob’s anger at Bob it’s interesting how much it might voice changes as a means to feel it physiologically kind affecting me so until tapping above my lip below my notes so the next point create Is just below the lower lip just above the chin’s anger at Bob anger at Bob next point is the collarbone .3 feel where your collarbones just that come together is little you shape at the base of your throat if you make a fist tap right over that place so you’re basically tapping the the ends of both collarbones range is coming at Holyrood ecologist to come together this anger at Bob’s anger at Bob experiment Is 4 inches below the arm that’s what about Frost trap level and treatment guys can figure out that is and say this anger at Bob’s anger at Bob the last week Is the top of the head Sophie just use all of your fingers just Around a circle around the crown of your head is angry Bob really interesting and they take a deep breath you I don’t even know anyone impossible but have no anger towards so yeah it was needed or somebody you were angry at chances are you’re feeling less angry at them to because were clearing the stress out as the great thing about this permit is the thing

we call borrowing benefits in tapping and what is that we can be tapping along with someone else and even though the words that were using has no relation to us as I generally know anyone in but much less an angry at a even on tapping on this anger at Bob I’m still clearing stress out of my system and I’m still the more relaxed so hopefully no you weren’t listening to it Is feeling more relaxed and you may be more aware of other things that came up so you will will will will go to little the more advanced version where like what I do in the in my videos where I feel more free form of the language and but even just this basic tool just will gone through if you use this liaison daily basis you first thing the morning and the final figure like what you said about feeling more clarity there is thinking clearly there’s there always benefits to clearing stress out of our body that produced it for a couple of minutes a day in on their different different things you can do you can What you say prayers you can tap while humming a song in other different and you can do so you need to worry about the wording that what I just shown you is the most basic version of how to worry if you have an issue you just say the issue on each the points a lot of people will say but wait a minute I’m only supposed to think about the positive how it gets bad to just keep saying to keep folks on native and say I’m angry of aggregate estimate me more angry right well if you were just focusing on the anger without tapping then yes but you can’t get rid of the problem by protecting it’s not there if you break your leg and you go to the doctor you don’t want to say the doctor let’s talk about my arm in all my arm feels really good I just want to talk about my arm is eager not regulate fixed the so you know so you don’t just go hope my leg please feel sorry for me… Let’s complain about my leg and how broken it is not you focus on it you fix it and and then your leg gets better and then you don’t have to think about it but if we do if we try to pretend that it’s not there if I try to pretend that I’m not angry at Bob that angers just cannot fester to be under there and it’s going to cause me harm union in a number different ways so that’s why we want to address it and were dealing fixing the issue were not work secret dog poops on your carpet you want to clean it up you don’t pretend it’s not there that’s a bad idea you focus on it you clean it up and then you can move on and you have the freedom to move on without having this constantly be thinking don’t think about landed Bob don’t think about my and I was I was under

the impression that it was an affirmation like something positive as well so that’s insightful to me like a I didn’t know that you could state the problem and and begin tapping so that that’s interesting I thought it had to be positive affirmation of the basics the tapping was discovered it was with the idea of you focus on the negative use and negative over over or moving away from the were negative at least on what stood uncomfortable to focus on what uncomfortable so there’s a a lot of people have different opinions about tapping on positive things that a lot of time for all world just A positive piercing with with affirmations you know that a lot of people talk about oh affirmations so if you’re very overweight what you need to do is keep saying I’m thin I’m fit well here’s you know we most of our mental powers unconscious else like 90% is unconscious and presents conscious so while I dwelt 10% of me is saying I’m thin I’m thin 90% is going who are you kidding you cow you are so fat you a you know and it’s and so all of this negative was painful thinking is going on best 90% versus the 10% of I’m thin what are we really keeping in our energy system is not the ill hopefully we can over time where it down but here’s the thing is if we do the tapping at the same time because all of that stuff your Out your fat these these painful things whatever it might be that we say about ourselves and again we don’t we don’t do this were bad or stupid everything we do is designed to protect us the reason that we call ourselves terrible names is not because were bad or stupid because were part of the says this is how we protect ourselves because maybe we believe well if I don’t if I’m not critical of myself that I’ll just be okay with it else to wait everything is okay so how effective is the other way working have you had have has been up on yourself and calling yourself that really been effective in finding a healthy happy way of having a healthier body for most people not even remotely of the beekeeper weight on but they tell themselves yesterday released them aware of the problem and chastising myself a problem so is that half the battle know because if we treat ourselves with such contempt whiners who take better care of ourselves in fact the one we feel really bad very often we comfort ourselves with the site really been beating up on myself I feel terrible now I think of us my Springfield are so which again we don’t have ice cream because were bad or stupid it’s not as not because you week it’s nice you when you turn your drug of choice it’s not because your week is because you have been programmed

that that’s how you take care of yourself that’s how you know the pain that’s how you feel better we want to use things like tapping to find a healthier way to feel better to clear the pain out not just know that the cleared out recognize that we don’t need to hang on to and that silica so soon as they are so when were worried doing the affirmations I’m thin I’m thin the the negative response the couple response comes up of I’m fat and we feel that in our energy system so the affirmation is also bringing up the feeling so as were tap it were clearing that out and while we’re not roughly not going to go into place of make-believe and go how I really am fit even when were in a 80 pounds overweight but there will be a part is that says But you know what it’s possible for me to be slimmer it doesn’t feel back because it again were taking care of ourselves when were overweight is because we have programming saying that we are safer when were overweight times where I will feel anxiety when before we did the show’s feelings I decided I began tapping user is there a good way to mean when you start to feel that anxiety or in your general wife like it to just begin tapping convenience start tapping absolutely assess what I… If I’m not sure what the words are there there may be times that are spectacular outstanding words because my thoughts I’m already tuned into the issue. So that’s why did the the reason we bring up the wording is to tune into the issue so it’s right there you know if if we spill something on her floor and say that we spill some dirt on the carpet and we get the vacuum cleaner out to be vacuuming in a were always cleaning up there’s always to be in a levels of dirt that we can really see some matter where were vacuuming were probably cleaning up but the best thing to do is to really go over to where the dirt was filled so that any tapping that we do could be benefiting us and to get the most effectiveness out of it we really want to be vacuuming right where the issue is so that’s what the word is designed just to get his tuned in and really focused on where the cleaning needs to occur so that’s where why we use the “negative wording however that’s why with but we can do positive when because only saner affirmations if if we have a lot of resistance to that affirmation then we will likewise be bringing ourselves to where the dirt is and so by the tapping winner can be clean that stuff out another you did a book on you you do children’s book the wizards wish and would you like to talk about that at all old shirt with my arm now I love that but would wish I afford with so many adults that so many ages but the issues that are troubling them today so often come from events that happened in the child childhood so it could be a site as were her a gentleman’s 70s as were tapping along a different thing suddenly he remembered this event he he took it all went back and set while this really started when us second grade also the playground and I still remember that the applicant was wearing who I beat them up or something like that and you know in that moment he made a decision about himself week decision about what was wrong with him why he couldn’t have what he wanted and he from that moment on was creating a life based on this belief which was a misunderstanding of what happened so I would be looking at then thinking how was he been able to tap that day what would his life be like today if he had made that decision so I wanted to find a fun way to introduce tapping the kids kiss just in general have fun with it anyway they’re not quite as uptight as adults heard lately is a On your face like okay five so

I want to do it in a storybook way something in a bedtime story the Grand Prix tickets and sucking up this idea of about a wizard who helps these villagers get these these creatures called yuppies out the creatures again to the body and make people feel yucky so he learns that he’s tapping on these different point with this one is trying to but can’t On everybody’s who must teach them how to do it they don’t know how but they also rule we don’t have wants and just absentmindedly thinking about this he starts tapping his four head with his finger and finds that he starts to feel better and he realizes weight you can use your fingers as well so travel of a playful way of introduce it to kids and I’m really pleased with reception but I have gotten that set I’ve had people in over 20 different countries say can I please translated so I’ve had to volunteer translated into 2021 different languages that’s amazing, and people can find that book through your website Brad Yates that why and even easier website now it’s With okay zero top with Brad Brad… When you’re when you’re feeling when you’re feeling down what you want to do better With Brad Of the lot easier it came from Sony people telling me that hate you have always been used on you to buy of wood 450 videos on YouTube now and it’s very gratifying to know that people say I tell people all the time of Brat Brad I have a therapist and even other EST practitioners to say all you had eye, clients in between sessions Brad… Maybe I should just have my website because With is excellent to have a mobile app now Brad 02 so you got the mobile up doing seminars alluringly back I hate you I hate trying to do more seminars I just got back from doing some workshops in the Oregon San Diego and Australia, Australia little over a month ago and style in England a few months back I would be in Vancouver in November of this year and looking at students and Mother’s Day don’t have scheduled yet but time I look at the map throwing darts with a blindfolded figure out it was like the next so you definitely want to do more more light workshops because it’s it is so while I love doing videos is great to be interacting my soul salinity

one when we do a demonstration of true for those who haven’t seen my videos of war the way the way that I do reform wording so sweated like folks to do is Glenn close your eyes to a deep breath and hold like and think about what you would like to life to be like about the human experience what you like to experience think about something you would like to experience your life could be better physical health he could be particular goal to be a financial goal could be buying a house or a car could be a relationship and I want to play with this concept that the extent to which we were not experiencing what we say we want is the extent to which were resisting at some level not because were better stupid but because something inside us says it’s not state that you’re talking about the money we have always negative ideas about money money is the root of all evil in all his misunderstandings gazettes not true misunderstandings we’ve taken on an unconscious level we decided that it’s wrong to have money is not safe to have a relationship it’s not safe to be in better health so while we consciously say oh I absolutely want all these things an unconscious level and at a distance because it feels so I said to be aware of where you might feel that resistance is if you have any physical sensation when you think about this thing want to knows that there’s tightness in your stomach to stiffness in your neck or whatever might be and don’t judge this can don’t take yourself because again this resistance is just because you have programming Yukon less than saying it’s not safe you’re doing the best you can human beings do the best they can in every moment given their programming we would do better if we could but because of what were afraid of what we feel is threatening based on what we’ve learned in the past or was learned in the past we we hold ourselves back to LaRussa to beware of weight like that resistance is what emotions come up is what memories might come up in a few thinking while a lot more money and suddenly think well remember that my parents always said that rich people are greedy and that I don’t be a bad greedy person so maybe that’s why I haven’t allowed myself to have, snowshoeing feel that t

hey berate that resistance on a scale of 0 to 10 take a deep breath now here’s the thing I really want to live the short tapping sequence before but as we go through this different emotions can come up with you with emotions and may “tap into some heavy emotions so while the Is designed to relieve stress as we start doing this we may uncover stuff that we’ve had a very bright… A lot of us we would only go to clean our room we had to sweep the dirt on the carpet a lot of us are suffering from lumpy carpets is so you know so we would say we been doing that for a while and we go we have company coming over we say want to clean my room and on a scale of 0 to 10 I say that my room moves you know it’s about a 708 fairly clean and then we go in while we claim we listed the run wow look at all the dirt was swept under the last several solid 10 and suddenly suddenly our room is not so clean and edit it looks a lot messier than it did before so that’s how it is with this is you know it may be said you not feel pretty good right now on my feeling in on skill is your 10 I know with negative emotion with uncomfortable emotion you know it’s only about it two or three but as we do that the tapping suddenly were looking for lifting the rug and it might go up to a five or six now as we continue tapping will really clean and some rickety clean out of the rug so that when you lay the rundown flat again and you look at room it really is clean it doesn’t just have the appearance of being clean it is genuinely and MSM clear however if you know that say your synopsis heavy emotions you maybe got some barrels of toxic waste under the rug in a beat you you going through a very traumatic time right now there is a big loss your family or your winter break up or something like that and you know that you’re in a doing what you can to keep it together right now I recommend you not At this moment unless you got someone there for emotional support the best thing to do is to find a practitioner and work with them one-on-one somebody who can really be there for you and hear what you have to say and to work with you directly on what’s going on for you and Emily Taylor the tapping to what your needs are I’m not aware of any time that has happened many the interviews I’ve done but that but that’s the thing a few few if you feel that you have some social stuff that might come up like that then you might want to choose not to so here’s the deal if you choose to tap with us right now you must take full responsibility for your own well-being which is something that I recommend life anyway

it’s like we’re sado Xavier about to take responsibility for feelings this is this is the key to success is what we take responsibility for our lives rather than you don’t leave it up to someone outside of us at the when this person says feel bad I have to feel bad when they say you have success that I get to have success but it’s up someone else there at fault that will when we take control of our lives we take responsibility for live stats when we can really create likely want so in this moment if you choose That take take the responsibility soldiers will you do I minute say the points to tap and all say a certain phrase and then Xavier QB Michael voice returned back what else I evidently listening those of you feel up to tap right up you will just a Wretched tap and repeat back what I say along with Xavier so again will quickly rise to a deeper again think of that thing you want to allow yourself to be aware of where that resistance was skills are you to attend how intense that resistance was that when your body field open your eyes Outside of him even though I sometimes resist a better experience even though I sometimes resist the better experience I choose to love and accept myself anyway I choose to love and accept myself anyway if you are sometimes resist better experience even though I sometimes resist a better experience choose to love and honor myself anyway I choose to love and honor myself anyway even though I sometimes resist a better experience even though I sometimes resist a better experience there are things I block from my life there are things I block from my life things that I say that I want things that I say that I want sometimes I say one more money sometimes I say a lot more money so why don’t I get more money so why don’t I get more money there probably lots of ways I could get more money probably lots of ways a but I’m not doing those things I’m not doing this there a lot of what think there a lot of things unresisting wrote a lot of things unresisting in my life even though I resisted better experience even though I resisted better experience choose to deeply and completely choose to deeply and completely love honor and accept myself love honor and accept myself and anyone else and anyone else

who might be contributed to this resistance who might be contributing to this resistance I wrote point all this resistance to better experience on this resistance to better experience Saturday I all the ways I block good all the ways that I block good under the either so many good things that could come in my life there are some good things that could come into my life under the nose so many good things I want to come in my life some good things that I want to know but they’re not showing up but they’re not showing although at least not at the rate I’d like at least not at the rate hike bike I’d love to blame someone else and love to blame someone else puppet head probably often do you probably often do I wrote point and I choose to quit that my choose to quit the side of the Navy as possible maybe it’s possible unreacted the good in showing up the way I wanted to the good isn’t showing up the way I wanted to others because I’m resisted because unresisting on enough because I’m pushed it away because I’m pushing it away how about a stupid of me stupid of him that’s what I often say to often say top of it when I make a mistake when I make a mistake I make a bad choice I make the choice I beat up on myself picking up momentum on a it’s so brilliant to me so brilliant unbelievers because everything I do because everything into on enough is designed to protect is designed to protect me hold on to keep me in my comfort zone to keep me in my comfort zone under the arm where I feel safe where I feel safe top that I might still want more money I might say about more money I wrote point of the amount of money I feel safe with both the amount of money safe with salvia is the amount of money I have right now is the amount of money I have right now I’m yet that’s why I don’t have it so I don’t have more money on it is because more money doesn’t feel safe because more money

doesn’t say enough same with all these other things I might want same with all these other things I might want, if I want a healthier body I want a healthier body on the arm chances are the chances are top healthier body doesn’t feel safe healthier body doesn’t feel safe eyebrow point doesn’t seem logical doesn’t seem logical study on my mind rarely works on logic my mind rarely works on logic unreacted works on old programming works on old programming on evidence which often comes from misunderstandings which often comes from misunderstandings on the might want a healthy relationship might want a healthy relationship, if I don’t have one and if I don’t have one and it may be that I’m terrified of having one may be that I’m terrified of having top of it have a relationship might be great having a relationship might be. Eyebrow point but could also lead to a lot of pain can also lead to a lot of pain setting while it might be painful to be lonely and while it might be painful to be lonely on the part of me might be saying part of me might be saying on abreakup would be worse a breakup would be worse on about so this feel safer so this feel safer: so I do think to keep myself in my comfort zone so it do things to keep myself in my comfort zone auditing arm not because I’m better stupid not because I’m better stupid topic but because that’s how I learned to take care of myself but that’s about as because that’s how I learned to take care of myself eyebrow point and it’s even brilliant even brilliant Saturday night when I beat myself up when I beat myself up on it and call myself stupid, so stupid on us because while I’m busy calling myself stupid as well as busy calling whistle stupid on enough I don’t feel good enough and don’t tell good enough collarbone to really analyze the situation to really analyze the situation on the arm and figured out continue to topic so I stay stuck so I stay stuck eyebrow point I am so brilliant and hopefully sciatic keeping myself in my comfort zone keeping myself in my comfort on the instead of beating up on myself instead of beating up a little unannounced I choose to love honor and forgive myself and choose to love honor and forgive myself on enough I love honor and forgive that part of the love honor and forgive that part of me collarbone is gone to such great lengths the scones to such great lengths on a arm to keep me safe to keep me safe topic to keep me in my comfort zone keeping my comfort zone eyebrow point and as I work through this and as I worked in this Saturday night and i.e. zip at pain and I can use the past pain on

AI and I allow myself to feel more peace and I allow myself to steal more peace on the nose I allow myself to see more clearly allow myself to see more clearly on the Mount what I could really handle on what I could really handle home maybe I could handle more money you could handle more money on him maybe I could handle a relationship that could handle a relationship Ahead you have what it takes to have what it takes eyebrow point to enjoy a greater experience to enjoy a greater experience Saturday night and I don’t know to AI is still hasn’t fears and doubts still have computers that unannounced I choose to clear these fears and doubts choose to clear these fears and doubts on enough clearing the cellular level clearing them on the cellular level, clearing them all the way back to my past clearing them all the way back through my past I do only back to my childhood toy back through my childhood topic maybe even back to past lives naming back through past lives eyebrow point back through all the times back through all the times decided that I ever got the message that I never got the message unreacted this thing that I’d like to experience that this thing that I’d like to experience unannounced might be dangerous for me might be dangerous for another or even that I might not desert or even that I might not deserve it, because my higher self knows better because my herself knows better on the nothing is too good for me nothing is too good for me up and I’m where the deserving of the best life has to offer Worthing and deserving of the best life has to offer eyebrow point just how to stop resisting it just got to stop resisting signing some clearing all my reasons for resisting some clearing all my reasons for resisting you letting us go letting those good honest it’s okay to have what I want to care to have an enough is safe to have what I want safe to have what I want, whatever risks there might really be whatever risks there might really be on the off-line ways to deal with that find ways to deal with the top of his clearing the old fears some clearing old’s eyebrow point in the old pain in the old pain Sidak that I’ve been carrying with me over these years that have been carrying out with me over

these years I do not because I’m better stupid not because I’m better or stupid auditors but because I thought that would take care because that’s what I thought would take care of on about finding better ways to take care of me and am finding better ways to take her all about finding better ways to treat myself with love finding better ways to treat myself love you because I deserve that because I deserve In body mind and spirit in body mind and spirit take a deep breath or so go ahead and that closure is again and think again about this experience you like to have what you would like to have your life which like have more of your life and if you had experienced some resistance in your body and checking with that part of your body and rated nanoscale is your 10 hopefully that number has come down it may also be your more aware of all teachers why am afraid of it because I remember in the third grade when this happened and I decided back that I should never try to smile and out and out you know hopefully that is needed for long tapping their committee that just having brought that up in your energy system is cleared out now you look back at that memory from third grade and up EMS something that happened and that doesn’t mean a thing about being or maybe you want to go in Specifically on that even though this event Third grade I choose to love and accept myself and bring that down while abroad really truly amazing and can feel a difference in my body immediately he unfortunately are running out of time

so I just want to thank you so much for being part of the human experience and really a pleasure talking to you will likely figure and thank you so much for having episodes is is probably slightly up is that I love I do hope I have opportunities like this to Sharon’s work and to do what I do in introduce it to for command heard about it before because in any really appreciate everyone is the end to try this on because everything is energy all connected and tapping you do at the more you set yourself free the button when it benefits the people so it’s it’s just given yourself to get you a lot of other people’s not the entire world so greatly appreciate that and then against the right side of the pushes the opportunity to share this on your quite quite welcome and more time where can people find the top with is a and also ran on to you to type it Brad be used on their honor and pride subjects on my website didn’t find out about the group sessions or privately or live event of that covenant on the positive so I am Xavier and and you’ve been listening to the human experience podcast and my guest Brad Gates thank you so much hopefully you enjoyed the show and we will see you next time

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