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Will will will and humane handling brain hemispheres at entertaining and mentally invented telling me right now is an excellent frontotemporal occipital. I am in the form at the things that is the authentic take you to the interest I think easily and what’s of guys atoning here with the human experience and what what is fascinating episode that we recorded live at the bulletproof conference with Mr. Poe and eight seconds anything individual with the story.

you just has to free state presence and were able to capture that energy in the conversation continued just got finished doing a speech at the conference and so we got in line for you guys truly fun we talk about leadership storytelling will love this episode guys. we survive on your supported enjoyable were doing this help us keep going also find us on YouTube Facebook Twitter all XP and you got so much for listening will enjoy.

this one bogey soon thank you so much for being your serve now you’re welcome earlier what up how we are at the bold conference live and I’m sitting next to Mr. Bowie. send Bowater Inc. what incredible touching speech delivery performance and I don’t know how to really call it amuses so profound and reaching end please for for the people listening me I was so touched personally by your story and it really really made me think about myself and the things that I’ve experienced and therefore for the people that might not know who you are you if you could just you just give us a short little introduction to.
yeah I love the things round figures great to be here and and and normal one drugs that was just on stage so doing this right after I left the stage so you know I was a former NFL player. you have is my dream and and nine ended up fulfilling elementary make a play in the NFL for five years and then from there I went don’t want to be the best playwright wanted to be the best stage performer and and so I did and start training at that and it was no different than playing football.
the training was pretty much the same investment many many years doing got to go to Broadway got to do one man show admin that led to speaking with and that’s what we are today. imagine a lot of speaking a lot of training and help people do what I’d what I was what I was trying to do which is the of the tell my own story right and that’s what I do now.
yeah it’s a mutual incredible because you had such such drive and ambition your pretty tough upbringing the process in which you became as excellent as you are now was meek crafted through how hard it was for human being. would you would you say that would you great for sure you know when when I was I was raised in a way and taught to be the best at what I do know no matter what the occupation is so with that comes a lot of pain because if you’re aiming to be the best like it if I were aiming to be the gold medalist this year not just a medalist. wanted to go mental go through a lot more pain than the silver medalist of the bronze member because just harder To win it all up to be the best and so you the minute you have a dream like that you have just invited and a lot of obstacles that are come you which is great because obstacles give you a great story to tell and that’s the only the people the people that you follow.
the people that you love have had a lot of obstacles that a lot of big mountain climb in this you and I are no different Yeah. That’s it’s beautiful you know you

really really present it in such a in conceptual way that I know people can relate to. In the speak to you just gave their these three main core contents of your you’re being your Flossie end I would love for you to give our audience I tasted of that know the universe and the dominance is always that they have story most people me included.

we just don’t think we have a good story with because it will live this life so it seems one day to us but it’s not to other people. so everyone on their who’s listening has to know that the surrender to the fact that they haven’t weight defining moment story that the following them for the rest of their days and it usually happens in between ages of nine and 12.

whether you get cut from Little League or you get dumped at the prom those of the years where your life is defined based on what happened at usually painful For the most part so that the first critical step is the more personal your story is known. I watched people sharing their story is the only way people know how to falling in the only way that you can lead is by telling your story.

so you can surrender to the fact that your story is got to be personal if it’s not personal no one will care can be personal to you second thing is got of the physical. we live in a world that’s lost its physicality because we been in the technology age for two generations but my theory is and I think I’m right about this is the leaders were going to emerge are going to be the ones who are and more in the closest touch with their own nature mother nature and you know if you think of human beings were predators.

you know I know we don’t like to be think of ourselves as predators but we are and predators are actually great and predators actually noble and trustworthy but also their lethal. they can do some damage so as long as your predatory and six are doing the right thing I want you to use that in your storytelling so number 101 to be personal number two it to be physical you’ve gone of you remember what it’s like to be physical in your life.
moving like a predator hunting that kind of movement if you think of the occupations that you cannot look away from whether that’s elite athletes or watching Olympics maybe it’s watching Micawber shook off due to the ballot correct maybe it’s know as military men charging to be checked great those can occupations you can’t look away from because they don’t apologize for their predatory instincts. will I don’t want anyone listening to us today I don’t want anyone apologizing for their predatory instincts the definitely you the number two would be no you physicality of your story.
number three would be the generosity of your story you and me are in control of how much were willing to give of ourselves usually we don’t we give our our effort out into spoons. I don’t want that point the floodgates to help and I told the story on stage about a guy named Jerry Rice who’s the greatest football player ever to play in a number two major and he taught me so much about how much spirit he was willing to give of himself on a football field but it changed the way unmarried it change the way I parent to change the way I speak on stage it changed everything about my life because of what I saw he was willing to give of himself. so those are the three critical steps that I would have everybody in part on their

storytelling number one it’s very personal number two it’s very physical and number three it’s got a be generous you give all of yourself. while I I I love I love the three tenants of your Flossie and you know it was it was so interesting to see you on stage and you were you had this command of the stage like a military general.
when you stop talking there was a whisper mean you couldn’t it was like a pin drop genomic you had full control of of this presence on stage to get started your career with his dream of being really the best at football you and then you suffered a knee injury and you moved into play writing and performing what was in was the parallels level what are some of the parallels with that even though there completely contrasting outside things. I know I remember do an interview with the New York Times when the play was opening in Iraq and the big I wrote down in a sentence in a ex-NFL player turned Broadway playwright in any stop the interview goes I’ve never written that sentence before and I think that it’s true it’s funny.
they seem like there hundred and 80° apart those two disciplines but the principles to be in the best remain the same. which is you got have a dream you got have a plan and execute that plan right and use can be unrelenting and continue going for it.
so I use the same work ethic that I had to be the best safety in the NFL it to be the best playwright in the world just I just applied the same kind of work.
I trained how Pacino became a mentor of mine in that world and he told me what to do he was the best stage before of his time he told me exactly what to do so I just did what he told me to do because of the best tell you what to do then guess what. you get to be the best you all you go to do was follow the map the problem is no one follows that as well I don’t want to do all that work that will I know why why not do all that work.
what you go to be doing instead of all that work for a right and that’s always been my philosophy so even know stage performance football performance seem like the polar opposites the principles of being the best in those two disciplines are exactly the same. yeah yeah it’s and it’s it’s so coherent and it makes so much sense it really did it fits into the larger paradigm of just two who are reimport me. what what is what our role here you and what are we supposed to be doing are we supposed be taking commander of our lives and why haven’t we been taught this. why haven’t be we been given this in school wise in this taught and it it makes what you do all that more worthwhile.
is your getting people this message of self empowerment how to really take back their lives and in a powerful way for something that in all this time the tween the NFL and you play work was only meant that challenge you the most.
what listening on your attempting to believe you know the best safety and NFL you have a lot of challenges because a lot of the guys wanting to be that to and there’s a lot of guys trying to beat you so there’s challenges and that and then you know along the way on that journey I’d 70 surgeries and I made so now I’ve got a bill the uses legs from the be the best safety and now I can use them because their injured.

so you faces challenges all the time and that’s though those challenges are actually the best thing that can happen to you. they can because that’s where your story that’s where people they gravitate to people at the face those those challenges.

they just that’s why you and I love people who attempted to scale Mount Everest we just were attracted to them were just because we know that I don’t think I can do that seem impossible. that they attempted or they didn’t when love and more attracted to people who are faced all the obstacles are world like our educational system or media in the United States especially really teaches us to those obstacles are back this this life should be easy.

should I think that’s a complete line I think those obstacles give you story give you power and then gives the impetus for people to follow you and then I’ve got a little please gone you how how does one become an effective leader.
yeah well here’s the thing you know I think everybody would agree that leadership is really a lost art in our world. it’s you don’t see much of it or what were told his leadership we think a somebody standing at a podium pointing the finger at us and you know ranting at us that’s not leadership.
most leaders so-called leaders want power but true leaders the on the troops your leaders they want power 30 have power there call that a necessity they see a problem in a know how to fix and so they end up leading and the reluctant to lead that’s why the best leaders always reluctant to do so.
people that run for certain offices and stuff like that they want power they have no idea how to lead is no was attracted anyone wants power the only attracted to people who are take taking the call of necessity and taken it on know they’ve done a study on leadership. the study dated back to Julius Caesar it starts with Julius Caesar and it goes all the way up through 2012 the number one ability that all of those leaders had to have every leader from from Julius Caesar to Lady Gaga to Osama bin Laden to our last presidential election.
so every leader in between this is with a study every one of those leaders had One ability and that ability was they had to have the ability to tell their own story while because unless they did someone also tell their story for them and their constituencies on your audiences were don’t know how to follow them unless they laid out that connective tissue which is your personal story.
so imagine that in your own life people are waiting for you to lead their weight to follow you they just don’t know how until you share you are so that they now have the connective tissue to going falling while that’s that’s so profound I love that it’s it’s almost as if there’s a sort of neural network that connects all of us and it’s like the synapses leadership is is in our relationship between yourself as well as the people you’re leading. There’s a quote that I heard something about real leaders create other leaders you more leader that’s good I want to know we’ve we’ve covered know your philosophy that live by and and your your life and what you what you think about effective storytelling and how how does a person tell of the other than just being of the personal aspect of it.
you how to you how you structure a story to impact in reach people’s start there’s a visit great learning is forced challenged as far as great storytelling of started

you lowest moment. most people want to start the highest number one introduce themselves with their story by saying hey on the best safety the world when you can do that because no one cares.
they care about where you started so I if you notice when I spoke on station I I started with when I was nine years old I had a dream that so now everyone audience is going to us all this nine-year-old got a dream trouble is on its there’s can some firebreathing dragon the because the most is how it that’s great storytelling because now there with you. if you and me think about movies that you love if you and me were about to make a movie today about climbing Mount Everest think about what the first frame of film would be that we wanted the audience to see what would it be what a BS standing on top of Mount Everest with flags planet and is way the it wouldn’t it would be a standing at the bottom of Mount Everest looking up at an impossible task.

in looking at each other gone there’s no way in hell we can do this that’s great storytelling start at the bottom so the audience can help you build all the way to the top yeah. while that’s that’s amazing runs went on to do pretty well you are in your in your cueing in Houston you got some rave reviews by that I mean what was the idea of run you are performing as an NFL player on stage you know I was a minnow is a exciting I was no longer an NFL player.

so many years and pass I trained for those 15 years and I got goods I wrote the play and it’s up very personal story to me in the more personally stories more effective have so the story really started affecting audiences on tell it just kept going on performance the next 1300 times while and it it’s got bought as a movie. in its can be made into a movie and it goes on and on and on because the story is personal.

that’s what people respond to it on care about sports stories that of general they just don’t Bottom if your movie’s general that you go to into the walk out of it specific to the storyteller you’ll stay in your love so that’s what what was all about and that’s what really gave way to the soul speaking and training career that I have now you’re something else that you mention was how nature is undefeated. you I love that you and that such a beautiful quote there is it there’s analogy used about how we are.

we are kind of number one already because we are conceived and just this this your odds of conception are still so massively large enough that nature has put us in line to be number one already. you can you can you please expand on the mountain I just you know you have to remember you know our media and all world pretty much teaches us that mediocrity is this high as we should hope to get and I don’t think they’re talking us because luck if you think of the data you are conceived.

there were 300 million sperm delivered on that day 300 million and you were one of and the odds of you being born was 300,000,000 to 1 think of thoughts if I if I told you have a Xavier how Jack to train for the gold medal in million swimming in the Olympics you can have to be Michael Phelps to win the gold your that strengthen the next 20 years the auditor winning Xavier or 300,000,100 probably in a say in our bro that have those knobs on found to good to me but I would say

the usual long as you’ve already done it is on that and 41 race why when you take those odds are already number one.
so remember who you are not who immediate talks to like you are that’s what you are you are you are one time phenomenon remember it and that’s why your story is so unique. that’s why you’re already number one you just have to fulfill on your destiny of being number one.

just it just to play Devils advocate first second how can we all be number one how can everyone to pay be number one right. I know imagine just imagine for a second if that’s the case imagine that all your quest it it’s not even that we have to achieve number one but it has to be our aspiration the has to be a quest write a message in a world where everyone’s quest was to be the best in the world and what they do.
so say you and your restaurant right now Xavier and world which is sort of our food in the waitress what the waitress that’s waiting on us or the waiter what is their only job was to be the best waitress in the world without was requested how cool would that mail briefly human measure would be the best meal we’ve ever had and what if the shelf for the cook is of them preparing that mail what if his quest was be the best shift in the world and how would that Bielby different.
that is that is all I’m interested in is the effort is the aspiration to be the best I want to live in a world where people that’s how they treat their lives because I tool we’ve truly are I love it man I had to say and you know you talk about human being predators and how we we are naturally kind of condition being the state 98 you may be analogy of motherhood and talked about how there’s a line in the room that no one would take their eyes on the online and then you can you related back to human beings and how people should be watching you and if you’re not creating this sort of presence.
in my interpreting this correctly where where if you’re if people are watching you then you’re not you’re doing wrong. that’s right you most people walking around in this day and age or apologizing for who they are another go around going I’m sorry I’m sorry their body is saying it so you and I could not be here if we want survivalist if we didn’t know how to be a predator is what our ancestors were died long time ago. there were get eaten the killed by the the the the next the neighboring tribe you been eaten by predators but were not were here that means were predators ourselves which Ms. were very dangerous.
which means we know how to take your business but we think were safe with the Walker rally casual like it’s a walk in the park actually we move like predators and we do you think of the times when you to move like this when you play in the NFL you’ve got a move like this could you killed after.
if you’re in the military in your charge in a beachhead you got a move like that are you bedecked if you’re a firefighter in your charging into a building that’s burning down right you move like a predator because you have to otherwise you’re going to die. when you’re a mother and your summons can I approach your child you turn into a bear a grizzly bear and you rip the person’s heart out which I nurture child that’s a predator that’s we naturally are.

we just got I really remember who we are and start to bring that to our everyday life and if you do that is that access that part of yourself people won’t have the abilities to look away from you because no one to look away from a predator is just how works were not it’s in our DNA we see a predator we have to be attention to because it’s life or death.

while Strongest track your last near last one which is generosity you and being generous with yourself and all the time you a it’s such a it’s a beautiful message I what is it me was mean to be generous on this know what I mean by I’m talking about the ability to give all of yourself all of the time. now that’s difficult but if you think about it how were wired we would we just like a talk about the predator priest we know how to give of ourselves we just don’t return down the dial.

so we don’t get hurt we don’t your heart broken I want your heart broken so I want to giving all of yourself and I talked about on stage I talked about a key made of mine. Jerry Rice is the greatest football player ever to play the game and the reason he has is because it gave all of himself every single time he touched the ball near every time not the time not every 10th time he got the ball every time he touched the ball he trained his body to go full speed and get it in the zone.

there’s no accident that he’s got more touchdowns and anyone else in the history of the game is a trained himself to give of himself I just want and what is listening to this start to train yourself and start to watch yourself.
how much are you willing to give in your job in your marriage in your parenting in your business. how much you willing to give of yourself and your put yourself at risk because you know it’s very risky pot proposition have a lot of times of the lot rejection letter heartache in a but what we were to do protect our heart. think so a value you strike me as a very hard-working individual and your story touched everyone in the room.

There was a single person I wasn’t like this is his amazing unite just a kind a wrap up your designer to your time is short but if there was if there’s one thing you could kind of go back and rewind in time 20 years to your younger self with their be a message that you could kind of liver. yeah I look my dad woke me up and I for older sisters he woke them up and have an older brother some youngster six he woke us up every single morning by Robin our backs and he would whisper in our ears that we were the best and it’s a cheap moment partner you the best any drop a few expletives like that this is all he talked to.

that’s how he woke us up there so for all those years all I heard was you the best you the best get up there to moment partner your the best keep going keep going keep don’t And if if people would just remember that but that’s actually what they’re sure to do this to fulfill on their and you have to also stay true you know to your dream.

I do this you know just like my dad I do that to my three little kids I do the same thing to them every morning I wake him up a tell that they’re the best I tell it’s their job to find out what the dream is in all help them achieve and so the rest of the world is a true to and so I had that grown up was lucky and what I’d love to give this world and what I tell all my clients and all the people that I work with and

my kids is your the best and I’m constantly reminded them that they’re the best and there’s posted fulfill on this destiny and that’s their job and if they’re not going to do that than shame on them.
while men I loaded actually loaded I will wish you had more time go that we don’t working people find your work your website police and I got my it is it’s Bo’s is PO I my last things Eason E a and all my trainings are on their I do three-day event every year twice a year and I bring people in from all over the world and train them on how to tell their story.
had physical eyes the story and it’s really amazing event and now people are interested in that something that should really really want to come to and then you know if people have ever had that in Cali you know like that that little whisper in your ear that man yeah that I was put on at 300,000,001 AND on the want to fulfill on that I would go to Bo how it started involved with what I do because all you need when you went dreams of in the best you can read be reminded of who you are.
as you forget You know with all the things come in Addison all the distractions you forget who you are you you so love to have thank you so much for making the time to do this this is incredible that this is the human experience my name is Xavier time my guest Mr. Bo Eason posed truly proud pleasure sure think you think you so much for taking the time to you.
within roses last thank you you guys we will see you guys next week thank you guys so much for listening

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