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You will about as ingrained as easily bends until the printouts and frontotemporal human experiences and session my cohost Dr. Jean-Pierre death tonight is the holistic explore our yard to eat 60 yeah me and I’m so you have a highly intriguing story and whether you suffer with chronic pain for a long time the child you were diagnosed with Lyme disease you realize that Western medicine could really help you with students that puts share your story will delete them and I’ll be 21 and my parents started realizing being all about you being held there is strong but a lot of them have your action just means of them overall very lethargic and a lot of headache than they just really started to start putting really is used and at the really like his body would just be able to monitor. At length that heard him studying you very all just it is that you and that she started but their 30 day national patients but she was and that we started by going to a practitioner and they just thought I was then over the course that next year there’s that we had a number of different special ed there’s it with whatever field of specialty and you little bit more early stage and at and discussed the psychiatrist and a little just going through all and started making me the fortunate pilot is the one you based on the dot at the hell was that the world you that I will just you will now be seen one of the most commercial to the bed and a lot of research on hand research and commercial and that will happen all at the number of different just even official medical doctor had that kind at the paperwork so that with the whole experience intimate at the doctor actually yell at stake he will get you that you believe you you you you he actually told me the protocol for the kids at course of antibiotics he would actually harm my body at the team at the combine and news and get a lot of managers and then you will need to go live my life and enjoy it because there was no way to tell how quickly it would progress or how far it would tell me that every body differently and then you insist on a can go from zero and means to extreme parental death and were you there so it was okay just in the hell do it again or while and

I spiraled down into a pretty deep passion for a while and it couldn’t actually a student University of Florida and is that in 2000 and started picking you and I was going to kidney specialist stylist rattling on a team trying to hand it again I was getting roadblock after roadblock and what I’ve seen how is that this is not actually one of my greatest gifts because I was being redirected in a direction that would allow needs you truly not just put a Band-Aid on Atlantic and most of the doctors were wanting to the I would like to have interesting but in Gainesville Florida and he introduced me to feel easier matters easier medicine and hand the idea of energy in the body and about the because the disease is not just the symptom that it took a little deeper into and and you really I worked with him for about a year and when I was at hand I really started to open my mind started to open to relocation and I was not the trip there was some truth to it is not that Western medicine in an evil and a place in our hands and surgeries and I am extremely grateful for a got a better situation myself I really hope that is the doctor and how and when it comes to Dorothy’s chronic illness is anything that especially things that Western medicine Or feel there is any power within this weekend and you and we can heal ourselves how did you think of that breakthrough where you realize that okay Western medicine is no longer helping me to try these of things and think you if you spent some time in the jungle right with a shaman that the German Empire just opened up in the moment is a very specific moment when one evening I was sitting in my car and he has just the autologous crashing around the doctors told me that I was actually going here and didn’t really know what to do and I just surrendered I let go I just say whatever is out there by the universe and what you are if you are out there any week I have done everything in my power to help myself I don’t know what so many years when I went from their doors just started opening any of his life that luxurious and I end up living in Europe for 13 months where I worked with one of the leading specialists in the Netherlands where

a number of other practitioners alternative practitioners on the really nice body and it was a very intense year on six-month pilot that very very intense verbal protocol where I was basically FOR six months LA at it dying but it with all junk all its toxins from the kind of meet and greet where one of the therapist is that you think your body is doing really well anything that you’re dealing it’s really helping but if you doubt your mind doesn’t know how to help because I’ve been sick for so long meet the length and my mentality with other persons only way I knew how to be in the world without someone do she said we had kind of already started looking into spiritual authority and you started meditating already but it was kind of like saying it wasn’t really okay so when she started to really put her in the head there’s something deeper than I need to go to you and I need you… For content that would let and it’s just funny how it worked literally the day or so I found out in medication that are right I have a feeling in my finding your way to a close and intimate body and doing really well and the next day a friend sent me a link to a retreat center which it was in Iowa that healing retreat center and a student I had over the website I just care there is this inner knowing no matter what is going on and were hauled them all the reasons why I shouldn’t go to through i.e. not having memory in our different reasons why logically it makes sense for me to go to you that I needed to go to the jungle that is why you went to a stupid question before you had the medical issues how do they know it was Lyme disease consumers a chronic Lyme disease did you have a good of the the classic the text actually had a check for the bacteria for bingo was the processor so I don’t ever remember having because I was still young and just commented the 25% of patients after Dr. brush with you if there was different that even 20 2050% of people don’t bash on and from the air at the theory behind the bacterial infection and often times the bacteria will come along with different co-infection virus is most people at my disease all the different things that can wreak havoc in the body and on by a can lie dormant for a while so it’s just that similar to people with my HIV you can have the virus in your body by it could be there for years before actually needs and so I think that’s kind of what happened with me as I started having something done by an immune system with a little weekend about 11 times the teenager and I had it fairly traumatic emotional experience

being in an abusive relationship any homepage when I was 13 at really triggered anti-out your question I made positive on some of the bad that the FDA approved but not all of them there’s different markers and things that they read and the city acupuncturist the original do with basically scanning my blood for bacteria and with the one that showed a positive but WAS not approved by the idea of where disease because of a beloved blood tests show up as a growing disease process of judicial negative amount (also and that he was heavily like deer tick popular area in Georgia but boxes using other chronic levels versus Cuba getting it yet and it hard to diagnose to because it does everybody differently and you know some people think that I would think this is a night when I got diagnosed as living in Florida Will Lyme disease in Florida and I didn’t grow up what I grew up in the in Washington and Oregon Islands the very prevalent in all of the national forest basically for years and am so yeah it is a very interesting disease and how it manifests in the acute and chronic and the whole political side of the another story to so it sounds like you’re going through this process of breaking down over and over and over and then you get this call to go into the jungle which you decide to do and describe to us with a picture of what it feels like to work with a shaman for six months with the longer this is almost as though I had originally to go to a human care for one night and my intuition had become pretty strong and I and you that I was exposed to anthrax words I just figure out go travel through accumulated experience of sizes but one month that healing center and I just left it open and in the first Iowa their money and I’ll edit a great plant medicine basically told me that I was healing center and I was told is talking was told that I would be that this was part of my life work with working with iLife and they staying there were almost in the picture and say it’s a very good out of this world experience in terms of the average Westerner’s experience of life engineering that healing center outside of it hours give or take from the nearest city which is one of the most isolated the world in the middle of the Amazon jungle it was like a 24 hour trip to have your just around it by use how inventive and smelled and feeling bitter for any and all that the animal in fact send them going with some of the Temple of the way of objects of the mountain of the two options in the jungle of June 2000 yeah I did a couple hours outside of consumer was your take away from the jungle while a question that will tell me take away that needs spending 6-22 I a lot ceremony if I was in Peru and I worked with a number of other hand is doing what called the and a lot of what I was doing was clearing my learning about my childhood and kind of seeing it from a different perspective than learning about

Lyme disease and illness and influence that it had on me and also you say what was one of the biggest thing I took away from experience how being a year later we discussed in coming out of the jungle immediately and that there had been United States for over a year now and over you started working with a lot and one of the things that I’ve learned is my own potential and I lost it brought me to both extremes to the darkest parts of myself and also to the brightest unit latest ad most empowered highest potential part of myself and who I can be in the world and so what do I use on my day-to-day life now that I’ve learned from my Alaska is that I can basically do whatever I want and I am in control of my life and that you know we all are and not just me and not especially know we all have the capacity to to co-create and you step more fully into who we are let now loved all the stuff that the world has put me let go of who we were told that the worker who we were told we should be eminently to step into who we are and just show up in the world that way and magic you to talk about everyone because of the known has a very interesting how they first did I watch the story and what was this call was what’s your story edited coming but she does your wife to speak on I egotistically just ended up in Europe and I crawl in Spain and Portugal that we were in Spain together traveling at and she introduced me to bed at the idea that she told me that it was one of the biggest things in life whatever came in her that had healed her a lot and I thought exactly and I looked into a little bad and it was kind of want to think of when I was really doing a lot of research on healing and satellite that was coming in my awareness on the back shelf is something I would like to try it wasn’t in my immediate affinity with something that I could try right public may is something I would be interested in doing and about six months later seven later on this guy is sending that message on Facebook and he just said I know you’re into ceiling and used really need to check out I’ve been here twice really often stuff happening and he told little bit about luck and let you feel the call at your metal that for you if you feel anything then just ignore it ignore the message and when I Friday it was just like I call it like being in my body like versus this intent tingling that I’ve come to know is that a message for my higher self that I am in alignment with you with what it can be the best thing for me at and let us and I just knew that I needed to get the jungle and despite not having any money or time I attracted that financial abundance and my family and I had a less than eight months later went in jungle setting out for my first Iowa experiment. So when you’re back in the states and you decide are you still destroyed are you still suffering from your Lyme disease symptoms and you still have that I used them yet one thing that

I learned I’ll get it that the work that the youth are very powerful so I choose not to look at it as suffering or even battling behind the piano even necessarily think of myself as having Lyme disease anymore I really not a part of my identity is like a lion check. Like that patient find the eye. At there is something in my body that is still out of alignment and the life you still have that I don’t see myself as suffering one of the things that the plants taught me why is that illness and disease are messengers there is no we don’t have pain is something… You cannot sell the game because you take it you’re being told they can step so when I have that combat I have learned to kind of go into a week we kind of want at first he may we want to put it on it or you have put some ice on it and make it just go away and I’ve learned instead to actually go deeper into it to receive the message that my body is trying to tell me where he observed was the cost of meditation retreat to do that after the Oscar dad what stanza of that work was on just something that had crossed again my field of awareness of friends only about it and when I first heard about the passion I had no desire to do it online, and

I would like at hand is silent no not me like I like the time and think you that and then taking back from realignment people in Peru in six month that healing center a lot of people are coming through a bunch of them had the passion is really great things to say about it so I started thinking like me something I can explore and adjust the lineup there was one of my birthday last year and my best friend and I went to it and that was a really really powerful experiences while at me just learning disciplined in how way to not eat it’s not just silent and it’s 11 hours meditation today if no reading no writing no music now I contact with people who are around you it’s a very basic diet on and I learned a lot about where my go in Georgia and one in Wisconsin actually avert a one and a you can you just tell people what about one of these before know how the food was there but it’s some of the best of ever out of my pilot is that the possible petition for two completely free like it I can’t believe that they do this for free and they only accept money for people going to accept donations of people but on the course that the only way to really handle donations of improvisation that they do it so well yeah dude experienced low affinity that she is over he will be considering I’m intolerant is intolerant of the most exciting thing for me and I will do my very now that the Nvidia the whole mentality of the absurd is the way that ARP know they’re not hate how the dollars on this experience and then if you do give sorry they are come this experience and whatever value you received from you want to give back to financially support someone else to experience than and how they run and I think that’s happening that it is a whole new way of you know of allowing of having a healing center that basically what it now so there was was a sort of internal you’re in your going in into yourself who’s been both these ways are you Oscar is a very internal kind of thing and processing all this information because the kind of the same thing and it is complete away serving where we where did you till you you practice meditation now and how how do you think that helped you with the everyday kind of battle that you experience meditation and found it wanting a must powerful tools for navigating through this crazy wild world that we live in and I mean

thank you the retreat that’s why I explained myself in the jungle I’m actually going back through the summer on its way to posterity are sometimes I’ll just turn off my phone into the computer for the weekend for a night or something to just kind of go into myself and what I found is bad in the this in me now laying this instinct about what’s best for us all animals do you know animals know what he wants to sleep and mine. And we a few humans and we also have the gift of the more expanded elevated consciousness that we can bring to it and so it not just this that kind of mindless moving in a direction because that’s what are instinct tells us to we also get satellite learned lessons from it there so many gifts that come through following that kind of inner knowing and what I’ve found is that this interplay thing you know we all have our own opinions or perspective on what this inner voices from college is your instincts and college in her Nellie married into wishing or guidance their email all of these different things is that whatever you choose to call it this thing go with something outside of what our limited human mind is the so when I’m going to meditation and Capitol Hill turn off my phone and just be with myself if my way of connecting with this inner voice because there’s so much stimulation in our world are so much information coming at you you don’t watch the news or I I don’t watch the news I don’t listen to the radio I am very very selective about basically everything that comes into my experience and

I feel it helped me to be a better person in the world because of it and with all the stimulation to become common that voice the week we don’t most people don’t even know it back you have a method of healing everyone while at that time they ignore it and I just learned that this inner voice that was exactly what I need to do each step of the way and I realize now I didn’t know it at the time but been guiding entire healing process for how you think this current kind of cesspool landscape of culture that’s going on that you you computer checking out of this can appear on your generation in the future ICS has having a really really big and beautiful opportunity to make some radical change in the world and it doesn’t take a lot you have to look very far to realize the world is not doing very good at doing very well at the species on and I really do believe that we are being given the opportunity to create change in a way that more sustainable and more fulfilling to every person and all beings on this planet have been animals and everything in way this that will alter the. And sometimes they just look at the world like a cut it too much like there’s no way that we can do this like we can’t really change that when I look around at the really beautiful things that are happening in the world aiming to let you what you guys are creating here in your podcasting else this is creating changing out for all the people who are listening to you for all the people who are watching my videos were influencing in a maybe subtler way then some people think this change needs to happen in a lot of people are very active form and energy go in and out just create change race and inheritance had been feeling of the more subtle internal individual change and each person begins to shift their own awareness and it will begin to create a ripple effect that is going to change all of humanity is my belief system supervisor since you said that there is some kind of energetic balance how do you see that kind of masculine and feminine balance going on with him our generation just in general right now in this society that you live in how would you how would you describe what’s going on at AMD live in a very patriarchal male dominated and energy society right now I’m masculine energy is in and of itself and in in order to have balance we have to have both right to go to the extreme feminine side wouldn’t be right either that would be the best thing for all of either

bring ourselves Center away from the more masculine which is very tedious look at the American culture Eno is instant gratification and it fast easy cheap email just go go go build build build you have a bigger bigger better faster back there and that action energy of action is completely necessary and we also need the more feminine energy of stillness and have intuition and of and bringing those two into balance and do something with its electric that you can be a more individual change and I believe that it could happen within ourselves just being able to witness those kind of two polarities within ourselves and being able to with an antenna being able to know when to show wind and went to show the other you know when I called art of discernment at discerning when to use white energy or what aspect of ourselves is that another way to put it to how how do you think this is sustainable for your meat is another you have different tools that you use with meditation and yoga and your diet is pretty specific imagine so of named to the people who watch your videos and are learning from you in becoming part of your community and what are you offering that what you giving them an message at Essen and I do this through a number of different ways they make YouTube videos I have a blog a.m. pretty active on social media and that way also do spiritual life coaching and overall opinion message I guess I would say is to learn how to listen to the venerable age and that he can trust it and another lady said that everything kind of place into it that the mindfulness techniques it are diet it are relationships that are career impassioned and the know it all every different aspect of ourselves pleased into this the filaments and in to being our authentic selves this idea hit me when I was in Peru of exploring your life unapologetically so basically the way that I see that is just showing up in t

he world that you are and not being sorry for not having to apologize for wanting something work for not wanting something more for behaving in one way and not another way that someone else thinks you should and I think that we all have the ability to show up more fully as who we are through letting go of who were not end there so many different ways that we can begin to move removed those blocks that are preventing us from being our authentic self and I like the metaphor of its like peeling your impact on utility that third-degree burn on your arm and you have always worked hard on your arm and in order to allow the new skin to breathe you have to peel off old skinny have to get rid and that is how healing happens and I feel through my journey and through all of the people that I’ve been working with connecting with it is a part of the process we have to be willing to peel off that old and let go of all. It’s preventing us from believing only and something that people have sometime that is pretty sometimes it really really hard so that what what led you to hit record on your YouTube camera and an kind of put yourself in the world to to do what you’re doing now actually concentrating on his meditating where we had the holiday is inflating about just the journey and taking me and to see how this whole process that I’ve been being prepared for this work that I’m doing right now and but originally the time when I pressed a button I had no idea no idea that the food can be a part of my story I was just within Peru and I did the morning after my first Iowa ceremony at like 12 hours later and I really wanted to Journal of experience that effectiveness state where I was not able to write at the time and I just decided to grab a spot on this trail and I just started recording the video of my experience and friends and family who are interested in hearing about my journey back to your regularly instead of me coming back about it making the first hand what it was like and so I just talked to him. And the camera is though I was talking to myself or talking to my mom or my best and and I just gave it all you know I really wanted to document the experience and so I talked about them and they were specific details that I know you know a ton of people are going to be feeding the baby I probably wouldn’t talk to your Meeting where it is all very freeing to talk about it but I love writing and that’s really powerful for me but to the religious kind articulated an end to just have that on video for me with great and so I made at least six videos within Peru and all the intention of just showing to intimate group of people and my primary group progress I started to realize more and more that the videos are just for myself and the hapless people in my life that my journey with different and that I had an experience that would resonate with a lot of people and that it was almost my sacred duty to humanity to share this with the world and to put these videos up on YouTube and there was never really my intention to hit the market and where it are trained to the coach and so given that my mind about wanting to set more fully into my

role as a coach inviting people that it was in the intention of like marketing myself or anything is kind of like when I posted the first video actually set up there or is that the universe whoever needs to hear this message I trust that you will allow them to find video and I just let it be at and it has just grown preventing you close to 50 videos up now the way that I make videos is I just feel inspired when I feel that being about something that I feel like someone somewhere will benefit from I just posted a new grab my computer and I make a video and I posted and I just let it go out to the world feel about this kind of personal tournaments going on with your these YouTube stars you have fueled the blogs are becoming celebrities how do you feel about this changing landscape and in every aspect you with a really beautiful painted that the Internet has allowed us to experience life in a way that we had never before the species or any any you guys never would it really went crazy and if it was a pretty I connected with so many beautiful beautiful people in his last years that I posted that first video and whether it’s just people commenting on the videos or did this hall private messages that people send me or email to working with people who eventually become client it it’s been such a gift to be able to connect with people all over the world are living in the future breakouts totally out of the total entity should be typing without blame a boyfriend only that the celebrity might think you’re like me and all the microplate anabolic but then I guess other people doing away the knee of the YouTube star of this there had been only our perspectives and I like to share in the more light the world is looking more people be happy to see more people having fun and being playful and you know they don’t really matter to me if that one person you or you know that 3500 people who subscribe to my YouTube channel so far it’s just funny that one person in front of one person perceived benefit from what I’m doing it totally makes it work at the seams, cliché but I feel the same way about the podcast and like if we can reach just one person we’ve done our jobs and somewhere but you also have this community that you set up where people can connect and kind of talking you tell us more about that process has been just like I just take this account it unfolds in an eight week and this is what I was talking about it my whole coaching practice in the community in the videos I don’t have a business plan I don’t have a business strategy I don’t sit down and you are able to emigrate this blog and to write this video and this is the plan for the community in the second half of life at all from a height of belt loop and I just take them than when I realized it as I was connecting with a lot of people from all over the planet from so many different walks of life is that the one thing that kind of Titus altogether is that we feel like will we feel like we are outsiders in this world and my work at work that a lot of people you know that a lot of times myself and a lot of people just saying you really need coaching but I just want someone to talk to about what I’m experiencing a need to know that I’m not crazy and so I decided I might find like-minded creative community where people can come to an connect

and share and you know the inspired and grow together and just kind of see where it goes so it started with an online form and then from there we opened up to monthly group call and recently I expanded it at the request of many of the members to have a more or less daily interactions or is it more like a mastermind groups of it mastermind a place for people to bypass any method that we actually have to multiply all as earlier had and I’m glad the first and the first recall within the November the Four months or so and I actually ended up in the resentment else that will lead the group because the group isn’t about me I just happened to be the common thread between all these people because of my YouTube videos him but had not really trying to lighten you market leader tell anything or anything it’s just a way for people to share and I feel like one of the greatest gifts that I can get people through this and and has been given to me if the space to step up into my leadership abilities and to know that I can create conflict in the world and I am a force for good and so I started being members of the community if they want to leave the group calls to kind of give them space to be a leader and she let that more fully into airpower of you speaking of crazy and whatever tribe’s new boots of the urban talking about doing this for some interviews and its sister called the five question segments to five question and we want you to answer the questions as to what Matthew question right and what you did answer it how it makes you feel

and try to use adjectives you first thing you think of the first becomes your monitor on the spot right now is not a camera and I arrived at work are popping or five questions to help you through this exclusive right you favorite color what he so persevered and immediately feel to it is the first thing mechanic is the Question favorite animal more and why because they’re so strange awkward and will you know what that was like they belong to hear water or fire your water fire favorite element and what higher is it which can be seen and it it changes things and in a fireside to her work over halfway through this without favorite body of water any body of water you’ve ever been in receiver heard of what your favorite body of water more about it water is an and is highly interested is interested in a affiliate manager Martin benefit the love of his last question it you wait tomorrow morning and an empty white room is no doors there’s no Windows how do you react with the day and I think of you that it is and I like the way it is late but have added the hell I would be would be centered in common and embrace it purpose of the first one is the color represents how you feel about yourself which is a cheerful careful from the animal is your ideal partner Summit to is your ideal partner the element is your spirituality as a fiery and the body waters how you feel about sex every as the last one you actually nailed it is how you feel about that interesting. Interesting very interesting so Arianna it has it’s been a pleasure talking to you actually very interesting is his attorney is a sort of message recently went out to your listeners followers people do not get you in the wild ride where I’m at this late experience the human experience you have just said embrace and make the most of it learn from Emily Canning and know that there’s more on the other side of love and where you been working people find your work your website let it be ballistic and also

YouTube if you just taken my name are you enjoying also well does the human experience thank you so much for listening and to my desk Arianna and my cohost makes guys with you and thinks

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