Episode 160 – Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca, Healing Trauma/PTSD From Shock to Awe w/ Matt Kahl

Matt is a US Military Combat veteran, PTSD survivor, and Founder Matt has been on the front lines of drug policy advocacy and reform in regards to plant medicine and using unorthodox treatment methods to treat PTSD and trauma since 2013. Matt served in the hundredandfirst Airborne Division in Afghanistan where an accident sent him home injured, traumatized and suffering from crippling PTSD. Matt is the founder of Veterans for Natural rights. An organization that aims to build community, support, and resources for veterans that are suffering with PTSD and trauma. He was also previously the president of the weed for warriors project in Colorado and host of the 1620 show on the veterans channel. He is one of the people featured in the documentary we’re going to be talking about tonight called “From shock to Awe”.

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