Episode 155 – Stuart Lichtman – Mastering Emotions, Achieving the Impossible, The Art of Success

Stuart lichtman is an author, entrepreneur, scientist and researcher who teaches people how to harness the power of their unconscious mind. Stuart’s formal education includes undergraduate and graduate work at MIT in engineering, psychology, and artificial intelligence, masters work in applied psychology, and doctoral work in organization development and cross cultural business. He has also conducted extensive research on the unconscious and the intuitive bases of success and the individual and collective operation of the human mind.

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Episode 154 – Waqās Ahmed – Unlocking Human Potential, Awakening Creativity, The Polymath

Waqās Ahmed is a world-authority on multi-disciplinary thinking. He is an author, artist, scientist, and journalist. Waqās has degrees in the History of International Relations and Economics. He was appointed as Chair of the Commonwealth’s Global Citizenship Education Panel.
Waqās is the founder of the DaVinci Network, a global movement that wants to achieve the many-sided potential of humans worldwide. He is the Artistic Director at The Khalili Collections, a diverse and important private art collection, His journalism work has seen him occupy the position of Global Correspondent at FIRST Magazine, one that saw him gain exclusive interviews with various prime ministers and presidents all across the world.
Waqās is author of The Polymath, a book in which he looks at polymaths, those people with multidimensional minds, those that reject specialisation in one area and pursue multiple objectives in different fields. He looks at the roles these people have played in history and why this approach to life could be important to us in the future.
Waqas’s work has been featured in Forbes, the Financial Times, the Lancet has covered his book, He was selected as Graham Hancock’s featured author of the month. This episode will completely revolutionize the way you think about learning and human capacity.

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