Episode 26 – Mr. Stephen K. Hayes

STEPHEN K. HAYES – Ninjutsu In the 1970’s Mr. Stephen Hayes traveled to japan to seek out Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei, the grandmaster of the ninjutsu fighting art. Without even correspondence from Hatsumi Sensei Mr. Stephen Hayes accomplished the seemingly impossible for a westerner at the time – he began studying the art of the ninja. After several decades of training Mr. Stephen Hayes brought back the teachings of Hatsumi Sensei and opened his own schools to spread awareness of one of the most esoteric fighting styles known to man. Black Belt magazine regards Mr. Stephen Hayes as “A Legend; one of the most infuential martial arts masters […]

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Episode 2 – Robert Bruce – Out of Body Experiences, Energy, Astral Dynamics 3

Robert Bruce Full transcript unedited: Transcript: XAVIER: Welcome to the human experience podcast, my name is Xavier, and today we have the honor to speak to the great Robert Bruce. Author of Astral Dynamics, who has had a presence on the Internet for a long time. Mr. Bruce thank you for so much for doing this podcast, welcome. ROBERT BRUCE: Nice to be here mate. XAVIER: There is a litany of things that I really want to go over with you, but let’s start with something simple. Let’s start with what’s your story? How did you get into this? How did you figure out that you were going […]

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