Episode 12 – Xavier & Dr. G – Jungian Archetypes 1

In this episode, Dr. G and I go over some stuff on dreams, we talk about addiction, the state of the podcast and Ayahuasca. More of a lowkey episode for you guys, hope you enjoy it. Thank you for listening!! We’ve got some really good guests lined up for the next few weeks, so definitely stay tuned. FIND TRANSCRIPT HERE 

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Episode 3 – Tiffany Johnson – Energy Medicine 3

Tiffany Johnson lives in Colorado and specializes in the use of nonphysical energies. Born with her talents she was gifted with the ability to see the divine spark that exists in all of us. Tiffany has been involved with energy work for over 17 years.  In her workshops she offers people the tools that we need to guide the energy we use everyday in a practical way. Her workshops include subjects on but not limited to: personal space, grounding, energetic shielding, energetic tuning and many others. Her mission is to help people of all ages become comfortable with their own abilities as they move through their lives and the […]

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