Astronomy (from Greek: ἀστρονομία) is a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena. It uses mathematics, physics, and chemistry in order to explain their origin and evolution.

Episode 140 – Dr. Fiorella Terenzi -Passion, Astrophysics, Space Exploration

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is an astrophysicist, musician and author, Fiorella attained a doctorate in physics from the University of Milan, she developed the idea of using sound technology to convert radio-waves from galaxies into an audio form that might give us new insights about space and humanity’s place in the universe. She has been described as “a cross between Carl Sagan and Madonna”, by time magazine.Her work has seen her appear in a variety of media outlets, including , CNN, the Sci Fi Channel NPR, history channel, Wall Street journal, Time magazine the list goes on and on and now The Human Experience.

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Episode 11 – Clark Stewart – The Mayan Rosetta Stone

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive burst of gas and magnetic field arising from the solar coronaand being released into the solar wind, as observed in a coronagraph. Coronal mass ejections are often associated with other forms of solar activity, most notably solar flares or filament eruptions, but a broadly accepted theoretical understanding of these relationships has not been established. CMEs most often originate from active regions on the Sun’s surface, such as groupings ofsunspots associated with frequent flares. Near solar maxima, the Sun produces about three CMEs every day, whereas near solar minima, there is about one CME every five days. Impact on Earth When […]

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