Episode 135 – Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H – Metaphysics, Science, Consciousness and Psychedelics

Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H is a philosopher and author of Noumenautics, a book in which he looks at the interplay of psychedelics, philosophy, consciousness and metaphysics.

Peter completed his degree in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick and achieved his PhD on ‘Pansentient Monism’ at the University of Exeter, where he teaches both philosophy and writing skills. He also has a keen interest in Panpsychism, the idea that all of matter includes minds.
Peter gave a TEDx talk in Truro on the topic of ‘Consciousness and Psychedelics’, and is also the inspiration behind the Marvel superhero philosopher Karnak.

Go buy the book and find Peter just click here:

In this episode we spoke to Peter regarding the connection of metaphysics, consciousness and the hidden history of their influence on philosophy and thinking.

You will love this episode!


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