Episode 105 – Ido Portal on Body Movement Dynamics, Learning/Un-learning, Fear & more

Ido Portal is a movement coach who is obsessed with movement, of all varieties. After embracing Capoeira at the age of 15, an Afro-Brazilian martial art with numerous elements including dance and music, he embarked on a worldwide journey to find a Movement teacher. Not finding one, he resolved to learn all he could from people in other disciplines, learning from them as they learned from him. Now, he runs workshops around the world through his Ido Portal Company and has created a yearly event called “The Movement Camp”, a gathering where movement fans from all areas and disciplines can meet and swap information. This fits into Ido’s ideas about Movement Culture, the way that you need a culture to move in, people to play with and places to practice. His Ido Portal website is another way to facilitate this aspect. Movement-X will be happening in Seoul this October, a seminar about exposing people to the concepts he teaches. In 2015, Ido began to coach MMA fighter, Connor McGregor, helping him to flesh out his movement skills in the hope that it would give Connor the edge in his fights. Connor won his next fight against Jose Aldo, who hadn’t lost an MMA fight in a decade. This created a massive interest in Ido and his movement coaching philosophy. In August, Conner fought boxer Floyd Mayweather in a change of discipline from his MMA skills. Connor lost the fight but was quite widely believed to have done better than expected.

The human body is a complex structure, continuously changing with time and transforming with various activities and actions. Certain sports and activities involve different bodily movements which can drastically alter the human frame. The more a particular action is undertaken, the more certain muscles of the body change. The way in which an individual moves and exercises has a detrimental effect on their
physical shape and mental state. While some movements make us feel stronger and more confident, other movements make us feel more relaxed and increasingly in tune with the environment we reside within.

Coining the term ‘movement culture’, fitness specialist Ido Portal explores the ways in which the human body can move and advance. Having an interest in sport early on, from the age of 15, Portal began learning traditional martial arts and developed a fascination with how sport can push physical boundaries and increase strength and control. Travelling across the globe, while studying and teaching a number of sports classes, Portal began learning from a variety of people from different disciplines
(including performers, yogis, and athletes). Using a combination of disciplines Ido has developed a unique method that takes into account all the benefits of traditional disciplines, and as a result, he has developed his unique outlook on movement and how to best use and transform the human body. Unlike traditional martial arts, however, Portal does not see the benefit in specific movements or practices, and
instead, promotes the advantages of taking into account various movement techniques from diverse cultures and traditions.

With the success of his movement theory, Portal conducts movement camps, traveling across the world to exchange and learn from multiple practices. His method champions cross-disciplinary dialogue and learning between various sports, spiritual practices and anatomists and according to Portal, each individual’s experience is beneficial to acknowledge and learn from


Find Ido here: http://www.idoportal.com

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