50th Episode Anniversary – BOOK CONTEST **Winner: Erin Rea

We’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now – and we’re excited to be making it happen for you. So as we approach our 50th episode here is the contest we’re launching, the rules, what’s included and everything you need to know on how to enter: You will win 4 of the best books we’ve read all year : Advanced Spiritual Intimacy – by Stuart Sovatsky This book is a practical guide for both individuals and couples to transform sexual energy into spiritual and erotic fulfillment. This book explains how to awaken advanced stages of sexual development for spiritual intimacy and deep erotic satisfaction. it Includes illustrated instructions for […]

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Hey guys, just a hugely intense announcement for the new show segment we’re adding: Lance Ferguson of skywatch astrology will be joining us on a monthly basis to give us a forecast of what to expect for the upcoming month. So very excited about working with Lance. Dr. G will also be back in the mix, looking forward to that. So PUMPED for 2015! Thanks so much everyone, very much appreciate your continued presence on what we’re doing here at HXP. -Xavier

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