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Episode 112 – Sevan Bomar on Timing & Flow, Mind+Body+Soul, Blockchain Technology, and MORE

Sevan Bomar, also known as James Evan Bomar, is a spiritual teacher and motivational speaker with a background in spirituality and meditative thinking. Bomer’s practice explores how we can use collective intelligence as an effective problem-solving strategy for solving the world’s complexities. This was a PHENOMENAL information-packed episode, you’re going to want to hear this at least twice!

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Episode 111 – Jimmy Church on Radio Broadcasting, Hosting Coast to Coast AM and more

Jimmy Church is the television and radio host of Fade to Black on the Game Changer Network, featured on the iheartRADIO and The History Channel. Church is also a guest-host on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and co-stars on History Channel. Coast to Coast AM is a nationally syndicated program with millions of listeners world-wide. In this conversation we discuss broadcasting, the life of a radio host with the very dynamic and veteran radio host, Mr. Jimmy Church.

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