Daily Archives: June 24, 2018

Episode 115 – Dr. David B Wolf on Transforming Communication and Self Realization

Dr. David Wolf: Dr. Wolf is a transformative communication teacher who founded the Satvatove Institute (in 2002) and the Satvatove School of Transformative Coaching (in 2004). Satvatove is a non-profit organization that teaches the spiritually-based transformational programs of David’s own design. He devised the Vedic Personality Inventory, a tool based on guna psychology, and has also researched topics such as the stress reducing properties of chanting ancient mantras, and the effects of meditation on life satisfaction. He has also been widely published in fields such as child protection. In this latter area, David established The Association for the Protection of Children in 1998 which he served as Director for more than six years.s of tens of millions.

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