Daily Archives: January 8, 2018

Episode 108 – Wade Lightheart on Cryptocurrency, Backpacking the World, Freeing yourself from the 9-5 grind & more

Wade Lightheart is an author, athlete, advisor and nutritionist. He is a former three times all natural champion body-builder who travels the globe trying to help people enrich their own lives by way of finding health, wealth and peace of mind. He is an astute businessman, whether as Director of Education at BioOptimizers Nutrition, founder of the Prosperity and Health Alliance or as a seller of Kangen water (also known as electrolyzed reduced water or hydrogen water). He also serves as an Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute. He has written a number of books including Staying Alive in a Toxic World, What Every Athlete Needs to Know About Restructured Ionized Water, Vital Power, a Dynamic Philosophy Producing Optimum Health and Vitality Without Diets, Drugs or Doctor, and The Wealthy Backpacker. The Wealthy Backpacker teaches the reader about “financial mobility”, issues relating to the digital world, non-local income and how to Reduce, Maximize and Invest.

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