Daily Archives: June 26, 2017

Episode 98 – Hamilton Morris on Chemistry, obscure compounds and working with VICELAND

Hamilton Morris is a chemist, explorer, documentary filmmaker and scientist. He studied anthropology and science at the University of Chicago, and at The New School, a private research university in Lower Manhattan. As a sophomore, he began writing Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, a monthly column for Vice Magazine. That evolved into a series of articles and documentaries for VBS.tv, an online network founded by filmmaker Spike Jonze, and is now owned by Vice dot com. Vice brought the series to HBO and Viceland TV. He is also the science editor for Vice Magazine, and a Vice correspondent. In this episode we discuss drug policy, esoteric compounds, clandestine labratories, we cover all things vice as we discuss drugs, their potential to help and everything in-between. You’ll love this episode!

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