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Episode 95 – Laird Hamilton On: Flow State, Mastering Fear & Being in the Now

If you’ve never heard of Laird Hamilton, one might feel compelled to give you the ice-bucket-challenge awakening to clear your brain fog. In his half-plus century on our big, blue, mostly-water planet, Hamilton, 53, has thrived in it as a surfer, innovator, athlete, author, inventor, stuntman, model, producer, TV host, fitness and nutrition guru, coffee connoisseur, husband, father, and adrenalin junkie. If nothing else, he’s known as the surfer to catch the “heaviest wave”, the “Millennium Wave” — Jurassic Peak, in Tahiti’s Teahupo’o (pronuonced “cho-po”) — on August 17, 2000, which is featured in the surf documentary Riding Giants and captured in a front-page picture of Surfer Magazine, February 2001, with the caption, “oh my god…” Laird goes DEEP on what it means to catch some of the biggest waves in the world in this episode. You will be enthralled.

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