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Episode 90 – Master Mantak Chia – The Energy Body, Bio-energetics, Balance, Qi Gong, Destiny, Fate, Soul-purpose (Game Changing Episode)

Master Mantak Chia is nothing short of Legendary Status. Born in 1944 in Bangkok, Thailand, to Chinese parents, Taoist Master Mantak Chia, 73, began his life’s mission in 1950 at the ripe age of 6, when Buddhist monks began teaching him how to sit “and still the mind.” He was mesmerized by the intrigue of meeting Taoist Master One Cloud Hermit, “who demonstrated extraordinary powers.” One Cloud fully initiated Chia into the ancient and for century’s secretly guarded practices. This episode covers SO MUCH. The energy body, balance, how to maintain and support a healthy energetic system. We get into karma, soul destiny, love. It took us 2 years to book Master Chia and it was worth every email we sent him. You will not hear this anywhere else. GAME-CHANGING LISTEN.

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Episode 89 – James W. Jesso – Psilocybin, Plant Medicine, Deconstructing the Ego & Surrender

Modern-day shaman, James W. Jesso, embraces his difficult mission in life as a conscious explorer, seeking, learning, growing, and educating others on what it’s like on the other side. His method for self-understanding and individuation is a deeply personal and profound one. It’s unconventional and not quite mainstream — yet, but it is gaining validity in the scientific community. His “guru” is psilocybin mushrooms, or magic mushrooms. Healthy conversation here with James W. Jesso regarding the nature of plant medicine and psilocybin and their role in the development of human consciousness! Thank you for listening!

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