Daily Archives: January 4, 2017

Episode 84 – John Lee Dumas – Secrets to Podcasting

John Lee Dumas, 36, founder of the daily Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire) podcast, seems to have pulled his 7-figure annual income from out of thin air … literally. When he’s not busy with his highly popular podcast, he’s writing books. In his spare time, he’s helping others achieve their life’s goals. After success with his January 2016 The Freedom Journal: Accomplish You #1 Goal In 100 Days, his new release is set for January 23, 2017 — The Mastery Journal: Master Productivity, Discipline & Focus in 100 Days. And in his downtime, he runs an ongoing academy for would-be podcasters. In this episode we spend some time going over 2016 and it’s impact on the show. We talk about some plans for 2017 and we finally get into the interview with John

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