Monthly Archives: April 2016

Episode 54 – Zane Claes

Called by some a “productivity machine,” Zane refuses to accept his destiny a code-writing robot. He balances these tendencies with an appreciation for the artistic and creative by traveling and connecting with others. This led him to study foreign languages and human learning. In his quest to find a heart, he dedicates his time to helping others become more effective with his blog “Skill Cookbook.” Formally trained in video game design and neuroscience, Zane enjoys building games for social good. He has worked on a variety of such projects, including games to battle depression and teach new skills. Zane Claes is a programmer and author. In this episode […]

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Episode 53 – Adrian Van Deusen

Adrian Van Deusen is a researcher, explorer and published author. He has worked in the fields of applied psychophysiology and neurotherapy for over 20 years. Adrian has worked in the field of applied psychophysiology and neurotherapies since 1995; first as an educational professional, then as a clinical supervisor and since 2001 as a business owner as well as content creator. Adrian works to create test and commercialize physiological interfaces as applied by healthcare, education andartistic/athletic professionals through neurofeedback and biofeedback paradigms. He is a published scientific author from his experience in experiment design with doctoral candidates. His product focus is in digital signal processing applied to, game theory and thus in quantifying “the human experience”. His 20 year career […]

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